Millionaire Mom still sweeps the streets to set an example (6 Photos)

Via Chinasmack

  • echogeo

    Here's hoping her kids pick up her great work ethic. Chive On Yu.

    • Livin' Legend

      …That actually sounds like a passable Chinese name. I want to see that happen someday.

  • Zac

    I could go either way on this. It's good that she's still helping and setting that example of a hard working person. But its a job an unemployed person could be having I guess. But hey if she likes it, keep rockin.

    • good job zac

      u mean unemployed leach on society. b/c she has worked hard her whole life, she is at fault on this one. ur a fucking degenerate retard. get a clue

      • Easy, psycho...

        Well, that escalated quickly.

        • Nelson Pancakes

          Thumbs up for the name alone.

    • aaa

      Good for her, she's setting a great example and I don't mind that she keeps her job at all because even though yes, there are people who are unemployed, some of those people STILL wouldn't want her job because of what it entails. There ARE jobs out there, it's just that some people find the ones vacant, humiliating or not good enough for them. If you are unemployed, you're not too good for ANY job. Take what you can get. Not saying this is EVERY unemployed person, but don't lie to yourself, you know it applies to a lot of people who complain about job hunting.

  • blue_bronco

    Now get in the kitchen.

    • jensen

      Don't be such a dick

    • Phox

      she's a millionaire. she could probably pay you go get in the kitchen for her.

    • J-rod

      This is why you're probably single and if your not then I feel sorry for whoever you're with

      • blue_bronco

        I guess no one can take a joke anymore. KCCO

        • Lynn

          Got to work on your timing.

  • thejeans

    wish more people in this country had that kind of drive and work ethic

    • Merica

      people in this country would live on the couch, eat Arbys and Papa Johns everyday, get up to 370 pounds and play x box nonstop.

      Then when money ran out, live off govt and sue for medical bills from getting obese on govt money.

  • super chiver

    she should come to the states and get paid more. shows how greedy people are. she is a millionaire and she wants more.

    • angelmm

      um you totally missed the point of this post, right over ur head there sunshine

      • heywood jablowme

        I'm thinking he's got his head stuck where the sun DOESN'T shine.

    • 412Chiver

      That made no sense at all. You first say she should come to the states to make more, and then bitch about how greedy people are…. umm what?

    • The_Dood

      Am I the only one that took this as sarcasm?

      • super chiver

        yes you are the only one apparently the others have some anger issues.

  • Huell

    Ya know you could still set an example for you kids and do something a little more profitable & interesting. I can respect this, but award 0 kudos.

    • Anon

      Yes Jabba you're right

      • MylesofStyles

        That's just wrong dude…Now get the fuck out of here and go get him Solo and the Wookiee.

  • mollymarie

    Commendable to say the least and very humbling

  • deartragedy

    I miss my mom…

    • loveyoumom

      MIne passed away 10 years ago today…I know the feeling all to well. KCCO, my friend.

      • deartragedy

        You too, bro. KCCO.

  • Brian

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Alex

      Thanks for proving so!

      • Frank

        Obviously Alex is another worker with no dreams or aspirations, that doesn't think family is worth spending more than once per week with.

        Obedient little Alex, he knows what smart is.

  • Top-shelf

    If she donates the money then it's awesome…

    • Samuel

      Why? Hasn't she EARNED that money? Isn't it hers?

  • HoustonCHIVES

    notice this is not in the US…

    • Thats a lot of work

      Because we don't sweep our streets with big ass brooms.

      • Frank

        Or teach our children that its best to only see them once a week.

        • Kcco

          She starts work at 3am, meaning if its an 8 hour day, she's home by 11am.. Pretty sure she actually gets a lot of time with them

    • Frank

      Probably because of the labor laws.

      The US has this weird thing about not employing children, or using people as the equivalence of a pack animal.

      I bet if chive had posted this and said;

      look at this poor lady that has to get up at 3 am 6 days a week, only ever getting 3 days off for a funeral, and gets paid dirt. People would think it sad. But make it about how awesome it is cause she is rich, well…. Just look at how many people are looking at this like its the model the world should strive for.

      It's cute.

  • sean m.

    I see what Yu did there…

    (good for her too)

    chive on

  • Porkins

    I am shocked by the amount of negativity this woman is generating. She is simultaneously contributing to society AND doing what she thinks is best for her children. And there are people mocking her for it

    • Frank

      I dunno, if I wanted to do what was best for my children, I might do something that allows me to spend more than 1 day a week with them.

      But I'm sure this fits in great with what the government thinks is best for the children. To do your job, no matter what, at any cost to your family life.

    • Frank

      Also, many people have dreams and aspirations that they might pursue if they had the resources to do so. I guess this woman does not.

      I don't mock her for it, but am well aware this is the result of a life of government teaching you the goal in life is to be an obedient worker.

      • Porkins

        You don't know anything about this woman, so I don't know why you pretend to know what her hopes and dreams are, or why you would presume you know what's best for her children. According to the story, she works because she wants to work, not because the government taught her. The day hard work is no longer a laudable goal is the day we become, well, America.

        • Frank

          I know that if she had a million dollars, she would sweep the streets and spend one day a week with her family.

          I know that you are in such a hurry to put me down, that you wont take 2 seconds to read that I was talking about what I think would be best for my own children.

          • Anon

            Notice that the post says that she works from 3am to 11am.

            That means she has the rest of the day to spend with her children, no? Be home in the afternoon when they get home from school?

            You can bet her kids won't have everything handed to them on a plate too.

            • Frank

              Uhhhh…. notice that the post does not say that.

              No, they wont have everything handed to them on a plate, and if they follow mommy's good example, they can work their lives away and ALMOST afford to eat.

              Someone who thinks there should be more people like this need to work 6 days a week with no time off, earning $230 a month. Then tell me it's something you want for your children.

              Good luck fulfilling your life as a peasant villager. Very noble career path that is.

        • Frank

          The day hard works trumps family, we will become, well, China.

          Choke on it fatty.

        • Frank

          Working hard is one thing, being a drone another.

  • SATXChiver

    The world needs more people like this

  • Chet

    I wonder if there are some poor people that would like that job.

    • Samuel

      I wonder if those poor people would do as good a job as she does.

  • l00p

    Isnt she taking up someones job who needs the money, unlike her? Fair play like but maybe give someone else a chance?

  • Revlis1

    Commendable? Seriously? Did nobody notice that this is a Chinese sourced story? This is propaganda good old fashioned "look at how amazingly dedicated to the state our people are" propaganda.

    Just off camera is a handler, managing the interaction through presence alone.


    • PappyCrux

      The first thing I woulda done is get the heck out of China!

  • Nick

    Can't she afford one of those backpack blowers?

  • drewdeze

    she gets props cause i sure in the hell wouldn't do it. i'd be in turks n caicos sippin mai tai's looking at beyonce's booty

  • Tim

    wow, that's nothing less than inspiring!

    • Frank

      Here's your broom. You can start today.

  • John

    So she's worth millions (because taxpayers paid her for land) AND still draws a taxpayer-funded salary? What a gal.

    • Coldzilla

      Yeah for a whole $230 bucks a month


  • Jerkinstein

    I, for one, am disappointed at the lack of "Why Yu…" jokes in this thread.

  • Coldzilla

    Commendable but I hope once her kids are grown she'll take a little ME time

  • Eder

    Bless this woman. Need more people like this in the world.

    • Frank

      Drop out of high school and you could be one too.

  • asd

    why am I not shocked that she's not American…

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