Millionaire Mom still sweeps the streets to set an example (6 Photos)

Via Chinasmack

  • Silky G

    What. an idiot.

  • Ghenelle

    Unless she is donating her salary to someone who could really use that job….the example she is setting is counter balanced by the fact that there is someone out there who is not working her job that desperately needs to work.

  • Clos

    So she is a millionaire and her example to her kids is to stay in a low class blue collar job? Not a very good example of trying to better oneself. She has the oportunity to advance her education, contribute to her society yet she spends her time doing something a less fortunate person could do, and should be doing. How about philantropy? Sweeping streets is not helping as much people as setting up a foundation to help those in need. Ill stay with my american mindset for all those US haters.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #5 – ya, i wouldn't get outta bed. good example be damned!!

  • mgreeny

    This is why I love China

  • boyRenaiance

    what example is she setting? yes i admire her work ethic, but doesn't sound like she has good work/life balance to me..

  • ShadowChiver

    Many seem to be very quick to put this lady down for "having now ambition", "dreams" and "being a drone". Take this into consideration. Many from her generation had zero education and the most important thing in their life is to 1) have a job, 2) raise a family that has morales and values.

    She is commendable for keeping her job even though they have been compensated by the government and is now wealthy. She is setting an example by not going out and buy flashy clothes, cars and other luxury that so often people purchase when they get rich unexpectedly. She is also setting an example by continuing to work and showing her kids that wealth does not last forever and it is important to keep working.

    Chill out people. KCCO!

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