Model takes down actor on red-eye flight via live twitter stream (21 Photos)

Model and Vice columnist Melissa Stetten took a red eye flight from Los Angeles to New York, and was fortunate enough to sit next to the ultra-successful and totally-not-married 'Brian'. There's much speculation as to whether Melissa took it too far by live-Tweeting the dialogue? Or did Brian have it coming?

  • Calm Down

    #1 They seem like the perfect couple

  • sub

    This is OLD. Are you guys out of material? Boring.

  • bigcityreem

    Even if he is a douchebag, did she really have to share the entire conversation? It's obvious she wants attention.

  • Brandon

    I had totally forgotten about this.

  • TommyD

    Tuiasosopo:Lennay Kekua::Paula:Melissa Stetten

  • James

    This is almost a year old and not EVEN TRUE. C'mon Mac!

  • AnotherBrian

    BTW, former girlfriend of Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony on XM

  • Sandy Rayes

    She is a Cunt.

  • Melvin

    meh. seems to me she could have made it all up…or not. Either way, I DGAF.

  • Eddie

    Since when is it a crime to try to get some strange?

  • Jay

    His wife is much better looking, I doubt this is real

  • Crazy_Jake

    #20 Ok.. lets try this again and see why it got deleted..
    If its a red eye flight.. why is there light coming in the windows?

  • will

    this model chick probably just wanted some dong

  • Lint

    Old..and proof that someone pretty can be ugly on the inside. Melissa comes across as a total bitch

  • Ken

    NO FUCKING INCOMING OR OUTGOING DEVICES!!! (beepers, cell phones not on flight mode, anything connected to the internet should be turned off.)
    and Bitch why don't you tell the guy to fuck off instead of posting what he says like a coward. Yes he is a dick but you're just a bitch too.

  • Jake

    he deserves everything he got for being an arrogant douchebag hitting on this chick like a clumsy oaf

  • notnamedBrian

    Nah, that's really cool, whether this is true or not, anyone named Brian will now have a meme… aww sorry you had to converse with somebody, just move next time… or politely tell him to shut the hell up. Get over it, sounds like a guy just wanted to talk to a pretty girl… again if you don't wanna hear… tell him to stop.

  • thiswaslame

    the fact that this is even making note for people to look at seriously makes me hate the world sometimes.

  • angel

    what a little bitch……cruel to boot.

  • Sandy Rayes

    Chive forgot its target audience. this is a BERRY article if ever there was on.e

  • gob

    puke. she sounds just as self centered. Oh, this guy is hitting on me so I'll tell the world about what a loser he is. puke again.

  • eLRay

    whatever about him; chick's a full on self important bitch herself; nobody should talk to her in the future

  • Bulls

    Melissa Stetton, you are pathetic.

  • dan

    okies are the worst americans in all the states.

    -a well-traveled american man, dan

    Ps the highest % of woman beaters and child molesters live there. And fucking Brian.

  • lolzerpops

    ehh she seems like she would be an ok porn model.. I mean i might stream something of hers for free, i definetely wouldn't steal it. And there is no chance in hell I would pay for it.

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