Model takes down actor on red-eye flight via live twitter stream (21 Photos)

Model and Vice columnist Melissa Stetten took a red eye flight from Los Angeles to New York, and was fortunate enough to sit next to the ultra-successful and totally-not-married 'Brian'. There's much speculation as to whether Melissa took it too far by live-Tweeting the dialogue? Or did Brian have it coming?

  • Anothermuser

    I clicked "unfollow" on her twitter a few weeks ago and I don´t regret the decision…
    99% of her tweets seem to come from her imagination and not actual stuff happening.

  • Girl Michael

    ok, he may be a tool, but recovery is tough and she's just another stuck-up model. I say this makes her look worse than him.

  • katastrophe89

    "I love meeting other artists like myself" lol

  • George

    What a stink b***h, trying to gain some cred off someone with more fame than her, looked like it worked but hope i never meet her.

  • Nanook

    Damn, a classic close encounter of the douche kind. Hilarious if true.

  • namestim

    I thought it was funny…

  • who farted?

    who gives a shit about any of these people?

    why not post a flbp?

  • timmay

    What a bitch. Seriously, the guy had a few and was talking with a hot woman. Too bad he didn't know she was as big a d-bag as he was.

  • BallsOfSteel

    Fuck this dude. Why are so many people here supporting his ass? He's obviously a (cheating) insecure douchebag (hence the alcohol and steroid abuse) who flaunts his "accomplishments" in an attempt to land a girl dumb enough to go for it. She did the world a service by exposing this dickless turd. I hope his wife divorced his stupid ass, and he winds up sucking dick for heinekin.

  • jeremy

    Yeah this chic is nuts. Anthony Cumia from The Opie and Anthony show on XM radio use to date her. Yeah she s one crazy bitch.

  • Chris

    This chick is a ruthless, I hope she doesn't go through life treating people this way. I kind of feel sorry for her.

  • Bill

    "Melissa Stetsttsen using the twitter machine too goddamn much rather than enjoying a book or possibly paying attention to small talk on a plane" would have been more appropriate.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #19 – classic. but she's not really even that hot.

  • @cameronchapman

    I spent over 6 weeks prepping a movie for Brian Presley in the weeks leading up to this Christmas. He and his company failed to make payroll EVERY WEEK, breaking their agreement with my union again and again. Constant promises that "the money was coming" were also broken over and over until the show eventually shut down and we found ourselves out of work, having never been paid a dime. He currently owes me over $11,000 and owes the Alberta film community, which includes crew, vendors and unions millions.

    This is a bigger story than a little twitter take down. Here's a link to an article from the Calgary Herald:

    Fucking Brian indeed.

    Loyal Alberta Chiver,

  • umyeah

    He's a douche and she's a cunt end of story. Please give them no more attention. I'm going back to something important…hump day.

  • Rock

    I think they deserve each other. Both seem stupid.

  • Rob Johnson

    Who is this sorry bitch? She is a despicable piece of shit. She is probably single or divorced – either way, its easy to see why.

  • Karen

    She is……………..the female Brian.

    Except Brian, although cheesy, is friendly.

  • lex

    f.y.i: tetten means boobs in Dutch… melissa's tetten … yeah i'm probably laughing on my own right now

  • phoneboy

    Yeah, she's made up stuff before to try to drive traffic to her stupid blog. The actor in question also said that no, this never happened and nobody else on the flight ever corroborated her story either.

    She's just looking for attention and page views. Ignore it. Old story too.

  • Brad Hudson

    Here is his response to this in an interview.

  • Chive-a-licious

    This chick needs to thank Brian for making her relevant. Without Brian, she would just be some no name, stuck up broad that spends all day on Twitter.

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