• Bekkison

    A couple fake, but mostly awesome montage. Good work!

  • nice

    Awesome! the Baby going down the stairs was the best haha

  • JPT

    The guy who jumps off the bridge with the parachute after the cops come… His name is Jester. And I did mushrooms with him. And it was awesome.

  • You're Sheep

    People aren't awesome they're fucking terrible. You killed Kennedy, Lincoln, King, Lennon the list is endless. Humans are a horrible species, those trying to convince you that you're "awsome" are desperately trying to motivate you to not gun down their own children. Humans are the most savage, brutal, destructive force this planet has ever known.

    • http://thechive.com/ PagingDrDickey

      You're a dumb fuck

      • Rick3381

        How did someone like you find theChive? Open your blinds, step outside and look at the marvels this world has to offer. If that doesn't work, go seek some professional help. I'd hate for you to go on life with that mind set. KCCO

    • iliveinthisworld

      did you know many dinosaurs growing up? then shut the fuck up….sir father time and his infinite wisdom

    • MonkeyMadness

      What are you? A Vulcan?

    • AstroMikeDexter

      So you say we're terrible because we as a species killed Kennedy etc., does this mean that you believe that list of people (yes, people) you typed weren't awesome? You managed to self destruct your argument, well done!

      Also, good job on misspelling the only word you accented with quote marks.

    • josh

      Shoot your self and the do the world a favor and get rid of one more negative influence in the world!!

    • ...

      you're right animals never kill anything…….

    • SWa

      you must be fun at parties

    • bmxdaddy39

      you must have had something savage, brutal and destructive happen to your ass in a dark alley. good job on fucking up your attempt at sounding smart by destroying the grammar in your statement, chodelicker

  • Anshin

    It's people like those in this video that make me feel like I haven't done sh*t in my life.

    • n bmn

      You were once the fastest sperm. KCCO!

  • Dork

    Wow! I think the only stunt I am able to do is the last one where the baby slide down the stairs and I'd even hurt myself doing that.

  • Bob

    The kid on crutches doing skateboard tricks wins the montage, in my opinion. Cool vid.

    • buzzkillington

      sorry man. watch it again, that one is fake. the skateboard flips up on its own.

      • Skeptigal

        He pops it up with his right crutch. Watch it again, you'll see.

  • Canucks_Rule

    perfect song for the vid.

  • MylesofStyles

    And here I was all proud of myself for winning my football pool. Perspective is a bitch.

  • KhmerStory

    I can slide down the stairs on my belly! I'm awesome!

  • Lyrex

    The girl who does the Giant Swing off the side of the cliff….. FIND HER!

  • Steve Grenier

    That dodgeball throw was epic. I miss that game.

  • Doovy Do

    Where is it the girl jumps of the cliff

  • Michele

    Call me an asshole, but I prefer the videos where these stunts go wrong /:

  • ajr

    Unfortunately the 1:27 baseball clip and 1:09 football clips are fake.. I believe they are part of Nike's phoney commercial campaign, however, the rest I believe are all real.

    3:26 – One legged kid scores soccer goal
    1:33 – Using his crutch to kickflip his board

    Those two win this video (and life) hands down! wow!

  • Jesus Christ

    Got some Jackie Chan style shit goin on here.

  • Tim

    i had to watch this twice, anyone know anything about where the girl jumps off the cliff??

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