Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s have returned!


After many months off the grid, Canadian KCCO’s are back! We’re as excited as you are. They are not going to last long so here we go:

Canadian KCCO’s available in men’s and women’s sizes available RIGHT HERE.

Canadian Military KCCO’s in all the colors of the Canadian Armed Forces RIGHT HERE.

* You do not need to be a member of the Canadian Armed Forces to purchase these badass shirts.

** Yes, a Canada meetup is in the future. It’s cold up there now and Mac has fragile bones so spring/summer is more likely. We are narrowing down the cities now. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments.

UPDATE: All Men’s and Women’s sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Cog

    Winnipeg, Manitoba! Friendly Manitoba is a helluva place to party! We are the birthplace of "The Social" afterall (everyone gets together to get drunk and raise money for various causes)!

    • Oltimey

      Ummm, yeah, sorry but they are called shag, social, Stag's, stag and Doe's, Jack and Jill's, and few hundred other names….and they are held all across Canada. But you are right in saying Winnipeg rocks

  • Jesus Christ

    Canada has a military?

    • Oltimey

      Best snipers in the world.

      • Jesus Christ

        I know I'm just being a smart ass.

  • Calder27

    You know you gotta do the Capital of Canada at some point. Just come to Ottawa first, won't be dissapointed, I can guarantee you that!

  • Nick

    Calgary for sure, and like the other chiver mentioned, if you timed it during Stampede… my god that would be truly legendary.

    • joe

      cause hot girls love dead horses

  • @MachSon87

    Anywhere in Southern Ontario, will drive/fly for that! KCCO from Colchester Ontario

  • Shay

    Please make it Toronto!!!!!!!

  • Christine

    hmm I'm thinking come to Calgary for the Canada meet up! _You can come for the stampede!!! _AB loves the Chive!!

  • Dell

    I agree with Winnipeg! Its so central that Chivers from everywhere could come!

    • Daywalker

  • Canucks_Rule

    VANCOUVER, BC MEETUP!! Keep it West coast baby!!

    • Notknowing

      HELL YEAH! BC is the California of Canada. Plenty of Chivers here. We don't get the harsh weather like they do east of the rockies.

      • Canucks_Rule

        yup, east of the rockies it's either freezing cold or stupid humid. or as i call it, bi-polar weather.

        come to vancity chive, our weather is on it's meds and stays even keel. lol.

  • CndnChvte


  • Sapper33

    The Calgary Stampede !!!

  • James

    Come to Ottawa! Captial of Canada

  • Oltimey

    I gotta throw Thunder Bay, in the ring…..I know we dont have a hope in hell of getting them here but a chiver can dream can't he?

  • Loops

    Finally… order my chive shirt…. and Hell yes Toronto!!!

  • Shane

    Niagara Falls!

  • Northgirl

    Ontario!! Let's meet in the MUSKOKAS!!!

  • Frosterson

    I know its unlikely, but St. John's, Newfoundland would be a perfect spot for a meetup! We have a street with the MOST BARS PER SQUARE FOOT IN NORTH AMERICA, just saying.

    • Rusty

      It's not a pub crawl! It's at an event like Calgary stampede! Calgary!

  • CaptainThursday

    Fort McMurray Represent The Chive, 797 size for sure.
    KCCO allover here

  • daniel


  • Brian

    Vancouver for fun in the sun!

    • Canucks_Rule


  • ggg

    How bout a Canadian Chivette post to celebrate?

  • Keither

    Anyone have a problem with the bottom half of the word 'ON' washing off the shirt???

    • SeaRay

      Maybe its the way you're folding your shirt? Or, as with all shirts with a logo or whatnot: wash on gentle, inside out. On cold. 🙂

  • gfwob


  • Thomas

    Summer in the Kawartha lakes! It's a no brainer you gotta come to Peterborough

  • bomberblue

    Alberta Chivettes post the most often so it only stands to reason that Calgary or Edmonchuck get the Canadian Chive Chill!

    That Province between Manitoba and Québec can kiss everybody's arse. You don't deserve this distinguished celebration.

    St. John's, NFLD would be THE GREATEST SHOW ON THE CHIVE THOUGH! HANDS DOWN, OUR NEWFOUNDLAND BRETHREN know how to throw a party. Luckily, Alberta is full of Lord Tunderin' Jesis newfies so expect a grand, grand party worthy of the CHIVE!

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