Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s have returned!


After many months off the grid, Canadian KCCO’s are back! We’re as excited as you are. They are not going to last long so here we go:

Canadian KCCO’s available in men’s and women’s sizes available RIGHT HERE.

Canadian Military KCCO’s in all the colors of the Canadian Armed Forces RIGHT HERE.

* You do not need to be a member of the Canadian Armed Forces to purchase these badass shirts.

** Yes, a Canada meetup is in the future. It’s cold up there now and Mac has fragile bones so spring/summer is more likely. We are narrowing down the cities now. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments.

UPDATE: All Men’s and Women’s sizes SOLD OUT.

  • johnny#5

    Dope!! Good call releasing some canadian gear as soon as the NHL starts up again. And I am DIGGIN John's shoes. Where did you get those beautiful gems??

  • @MissShanks

    Some of the Alberta Chivettes are the hottest I've seen (and I happen to be one of them), Edmonton is definitely you're best choice 🙂

  • jdm_inspire

    Windsor, ON since is considered as the "Earth's rectum" as per The Colbert Report. Plus it's next door to Detroit, MI so the 'Mericans won't be too worried about being too far away from their lands. (It also doesn't hurt that Windsor has a Caesar's Casino and a bunch of world class strip bars …)

  • Michelle


  • pepito115

    Calgary born, and living in Lethbridge, thus my vote would be: Calgary. Hell, if you found the right venue, anywhere in Alberta.

  • LUKE

    how about some Australia Kcco gear!? With australia day coming up on aaturday and everything!!!!

  • Bender

    Calgary during stampede 'nuff said.

  • Girlygirl

    VICTORIA, BC……..just ignore Ontario-you will be sadly disappointed. Come hang out with some Canadian surfers!

  • Theo

    How about a meet in Montreal?

  • Greg

    Victoria bc! I swear I seem like the only chiver here

  • sarah


  • Santiago De La Rosa

    CALGARY, ALBERTA! nothing more, nothing less. Period.

  • Spicy


  • Vankylever


  • Swarby

    Calgary!!!!! Chivers everywhere!

  • abdul

    toronto or GTA please…

  • Emmanuel

    Vancouver is way better than another city in Canada… Actually all of them rock but Vancouver has more to offer

  • Mike

    A meet up in Vancouver is must! Huge following out here!

  • davo

    The Chive need to make an Aussie one.

  • Justin

    You guys want a good time and a sick meetup, MONTREAL is the place to be!

  • A.j.

    Calgary! Just have to look at the Calgary Chiver contingent on the Chive Everywhere during the Stampede this last summer. Plus if it's in Alberta you'll have all the bored oilfield workers coming, and they love to buy rounds of drinks for everyone!

  • dangerballs

    Canada is just too damn wide, we're going to need two meet-ups at least! One here in Toronto since this is the most populous city, and the gf and I need to sport our BFM shirts. And one in Calgary or Edmonton, since the Westies seem to be representing hard on the site.

  • Nick

    Vancouver! Please!!!! There are a lot of chivers out here, as I learned from the number of KCCO's I am given at concerts!

  • boyRenaiance

    GTA/Southern ontario, oh god please, i will drive long distance.. hell, even Montreal.. both have good strip clubs.. just saying..

  • Matt

    You know Toronto is the place to come who we kidding now

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