Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

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  • Zack


    • GrofDeLord

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    • Magic Mike

      I'm still sad about poor Lennox :( RIP buddy


    #27 #47, because of you, I pledge my lifelong allegiance to the 'Heterosexual Cunt Sticker Society"…

    • jeffro

      ouch, welcome to the friendzone "guy friend" damn you missin out.

      • ThePatriot

        jeffro Im guessing if she's hoping he'll recognize her by her body, he's probably gotten some.

    • cee dub

      What a great toilet she has!

    • kbutt

      Am I the only one thinking that I could care less if #27's boyfriend recognizes her. nice titties though.

    • Earl

      A friendzone joke would have been funnier

      • JJL

        Agreed. This "friend" has seen her naked? Do we need a moment for a fallen comrade? Hopefully the friendship has benefits

    • Not about it

      Would have been a lot funnier if you didn't use ugly words.

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        No offence but what's 'ugly' about Heterosexual??

  • Steveo

    #6 Why hello there!

    • Roadsodas

      Snaggle tooth

    • T'eo mantittyfreds

      Man, if I was a star linebacker for a Major college team i would have her as my fake girlfriend. She's absolutely lovely.

      • Jack Wagon

        She is a babe, anyone who says otherwise is an ass hat just trying to be a douche.

    • Griftertx

      You're beautiful. True Chivers would agree. Keep posting!

    • ClarkWFistwold

      Now if only she could put something on to fix her face.

      • Jack Wagon

        Ya cuz momma always said you were quite a catch.

        • Geezer

          Fucking jizwold douche bag shit on a stick

    • ao;nvoui

      Butter face, had to be said

      • Jay

        Fuck, I thought she was cute..

      • Seriously

        Chew on glass much?

      • Kyle429

        You're retarded, didn't really have to be said because everyone knew it anyway.

    • GQz

      Kinda weird face but I'd still fuck her tits and let her eat my cum.

      • Ryan

        Dude…slow down turbo.

    • NoName

      Ah the disappointment bra

    • NebraskaGuy

      #6 Hello indeed!

      Those eyes …
      Those boobs!

      • Rocco


      • urajeerk

        Shes so fuckin ugly …. go away ugly bitch. the chivr is for hot girls, not fucked up faces and liars

        • Rocco

          I'd still hit

      • NikkeD

        overly attached girlfriend face

    • derp.

      It's amazing what a push-up bra and a tight-fitting dress can do for cleavage

    • This Guy

      Proof that you really CAN make something out of nothing…

      • Dan

        I've never heard a nicer way to say "LIES, YOUR BREASTS ARE NOT ACTUALLY THAT BIG!!!"

    • Ishbar

      Be proud of what you've got and own it! Kudos!

    • toomuchnegative

      Lmao at all these guys posting negative comments. She's cute and probably a couple steps up from anything you've gotten. Just saying.

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #7 NOM

    • Pokes

      She lost her arm in 'Nom…….too easy.

      • Mike Hunt is filthy

        Too funny as well

    • ClarkWFistwold

      That's not the only place that fist as been inside that girl.

    • guest

      So this girl clearly has a nub for an arm, right? p.s. irrelevant – i'd still hit it.

  • Will

    #33 is the reason Chivettes rule the world. It's also the reason the site is nearly inexplicable to people who have never heard of theCHIVE.

    • Jake

      Next time just ask to see her in person…

    • Tom

      Clearly the message is: "DONT STOP WEARING YOUR CHIVE SHIRT!" He who does'nt understand it by now, is a retard.

    • PayHeed

      Rock Chalk and KCCO!

      • Kuran

        Kansas has been getting a lot of love on here as of late… I'm thrilled!

        RCJH and KCCO

    • Ole

      This should be every chiver and chivette's goal. PS, she's a fox.

    • guest 307

      thank you Chivette MOAR PLEASE

    • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

      I fall in love quick…but I fall out of it even quicker

      • _DoC_

        Well stick it back in and take shorter strokes.

        • Liz

          Bahahaha too funny!

    • Murph

      I hope said Chiver got her number. God speed, my friend! Here, she's worth posting again. #33

      • menis

        Well that will be in his spank bank for the rest of his life….

    • Red

      M-m-m-m-my gawd. MOAR!

  • Undershooter30

    #51 She toook this beautiful picture just a moment too soon.

    • The Dallas Chivette

      Or did I mwahahaha

      • Mightbme

        You are BEAUTIFUL thx for sharing! Hope to see moar! Plz/ty

      • TheDonOf952


        • The Dallas Chivette

          Thank you :)

  • BGrimsleyII

    Love an early DAR!! The whistle has sounded,

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #47 Hell and Yea

    • cee dub

      really nice toilet here

    • Ammnesia

      emily ratajkowski

  • dumpster

    Take a late week long smelly dump

    • Morgan Freeman

      You need to eat more fiber.

    • heywood jablowme

      tell me where you live first.

  • Undershooter30

    #4 Granny loves to party.

    • Dan

      I've seen enough porn to know where this is going.

  • scott

    another wonderful way to end the day….

    • Jack Wagon

      #12 fuuuuuck.

  • jawbone

    #3 Let that poor kid face forward. Do you think that if the damn plane crashes facing backwards will make a difference?!?!

    • urajeerk


      • Pilot

        The airplane's not in the air; who's the idiot now?

        • Jesus Christ

          It does appear to be chillin above or on the water though

    • Jack

      Yeah, pretty sure there's no air bag in that thing :)

      • ISNBH

        Pretty sure its a simulator, but otherwise, good points by both of you.


    #22 wins it for me… Good job!

    • DrGarnicus

      One of the best humps. Better than some of the Hump Day humps. Sweet mercy!

      • Brody

        Aaaa ring a ding ding ding ding

    • testudo321

      Now I hate that annoying frog even more !

  • guest

    #21 Danny Woodhead bought low…

    • Gman

      That guy is proper! Look at that smile! He was just as happy before! you can't get happier than he already was. And if she was looking to leave him, he wouldn't be in the after picture. It would be a mirror pic of her in full duck. GOOD LUCK KIDS! FUCK LIKE BUNNIES!

    • K-9

      I think this is called buying low.

      • DanTheMan

        Yall are some assholes. Dont hate on this man because your girl is non existent or ugly!!!

      • #387

        Lemme Lemme Upgrade!

    • d-train

      I've used this tactic a few times, unfortunately they always seem to get bigger

      • Pikesville

        That is funny shit.

    • Truth

      She'll dump his ass soon enough

    • ClarkWFistwold

      Too bad she's still a bitch.

    • Pokes

      Shoot, I thought the moral of this story was to always suit up.

    • Earl

      Girl, good for you, and just don't forget the guy who stood buy you all those years while you transformed

      • BudHa

        any guy, wouldn't hurt you to try and keep up a bit…or at least learn how to tie a tie

        • Ghost

          I agree…if you are going to wear a fucking tie learn how to properly wear it!

  • rjay

    #11 One of the weirder bras I've seen, but super hot nonetheless

    • ClarkWFistwold

      Her face took a turn for the worse in the second picture.

    • Bruce

      Could someone please tell me where to get this for my girlfriend? I would be eternally grateful.

    • HatBomb

      Bathing suit?

    • Earl

      I was hoping that was a swimsuit

      • Ehhh

        I believe it is a sports bra but she is wearing it backwards…

  • Tupac

    I'm alive.

    • Biggie Smalls

      Me too.

      • Elvis

        hunka hunka burning love…

        • Jimi Hendrix


          • Amy Winehouse

            WTF, I'm still dead.

            • Dave

              This was very, very fantastic

              • Michael Jackson

                Party at the Ranch.

  • John Kenny

    #5 …unless the goose has no legs. Then it's just kinda sad. =/

  • G L

    #33 thank you

    • Brett


    • I'm Awesome

      looks like someone got some bolt-ons between the 2 pictures

  • J rock

    #22 and #29

    very nice HUMPS

    • RealZoo

      #22 #29 Those are some nice plump rumps!!!

    • Just sayin'

      Find the goddess of #29

    • Dead Groucho Marx
      • Berty

        Why do you have to ruin a perfectly nice ass with photoshop. I fucking hate that shit, most of the guys I know aren't rappers and huge asses don't do it for us.

      • Pokes

        Photoshop is the push-up bra of the internet.

      • WTF?

        Damn you photoshop

  • Anon

    #42 one. more. Picture…

    • urajeerk

      Heeeeyyyo. way to be a total whore

    • Simply Joe


    • HetJamesfield

      What the hell is that cat doing?

    • Fhusk

      I think the cat is smelling her belly button..

      • Chivette28

        he's playing with my belly button ring

        • CDNchiver

          No matter how many thumbs down I get, I think what the cat is doing is adorable. How about MOAR?

    • Tyler


      • JSM

        Home is where my hand should be.

    • Ishbar
  • acupofjoe

    EARLY DAR!!!!!

  • 3sixty production

    The fact that chivers are paying it forward is fuckin awesome!!

    • Ryan

      I want to know who is tipping $100 in Muncie IN…

    • Get Real

      I mean, there's no way that's just a duplicate receipt and they are full of it!

  • Burlinator

    #42 I laud your progressiveness!

  • Captain Oblivious

    #42 I see what you did there…

  • JoeyW311

    #42 home is where you can rest your head on some titties.

    • The Rally Monkeys

      that kitty looks ready to NOM NOM

    • Chivette28

      this is my favorite comment lol

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