Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • Kyle

    #21 Excellent ROI

  • Dakota

    #6 MOAR!!!!! That's my sexy lady. I guess it's time to repay her 😉

  • The Dude

    Dear #42. Would you like to see my progression? Hehe


    #44 The Marlon Brando of cats.

  • Advert Vet

    Surprised nobody said anything about #16.

    She is gorgeous.

  • EvilDungBeetle

    #45 I'm not worried about the Rape Slushie as it's clearly marked as not available. But, where is this? They've got Lamb Burgers. Where can you get Lamb Burgers?

    • Jesus Christ

      Apparently McDonalds.

  • Ironic

    #1 I just love how the country with the per capita fattest citizens keeps making fun of this guys weight.
    "Ha Kettle…You are Blaaack"-Pot

    • Boondock

      Except, this isn't talking about his obeisity… you are on the other hand. I guess that makes you Pot.

  • bangerang

    더 주세요! #16
    Moooooar please!

  • pixelogre

    #11 FTW

  • Jonathan

    #9 I need to find you. Is that even possible?

  • Billy Smithton

    picture # 27

    I think i know this one…

    are your initials A.M.W. ???

  • kimoho

    Moar #9, #11, & #22

  • Jack o' lantern

    #38 *you're

    Jesus, Chive, you'd be doing your community a favor by teaching these knuckle draggers how to spell.

  • Jacob

    #27 He's only a friend. We must fix this.

  • hurr durr

    #37 Torture* #38 You're* cmon people stop the madness

  • happytobe

    #44 I bet its owner looks much the same, and #47 where the fuck was this picture taken?

  • ukulelemike

    Probably been done, but I'm not going through all of them to check, so:

    #44 'Bring me Solo and the Wookie!":

  • Mark S Man

    #37 Oh, the toture…

  • Bama

    #42 Baby we need more!

  • coop

    #10 that tree be taking bitches oUT!

  • dan

    #27, looks like someone is moving out of the friends zone

  • WOW!

    #30 Someone pick my jaw up off the floor so I can ask her to marry me please!

  • deadpool

    Has #27 de-friendzoned her guy friend? o_O

  • Phil

    #44 bring me Han

  • KingMartian

    #27 Friendzone?

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