Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • Candlejack

    Whales are actually mammals.

  • http://thechive.com/2013/01/24/daily-afternoon-randomness-51-photos-25/thursday-dar-11-16/ somechiver

    i don't usually do this, but FIND HER PLZ!

  • somechiver

    #16 i don't usually do this, but FIND HER PLZ!

  • anotherchiver

    #39 is my reaction to #21

  • wasinnc

    #6 beautiful smile and great eyes…have we seen you elsewhere on the chive

  • wasinnc

    #42 am the only one who noticed the pussy?? Cat that is…lucky kitty…have we seen moar of you on the chive?

  • scotty

    INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE? temp and time

  • Dan


    Burn it, mind the gap, DAR, or happy hump day but please show us Moar!

  • Chiver1012012

    If #37 and #38 are any indication Chivers have fucking terrible grammar…

  • Ted

    #13 #16 #47 #51

  • Howard's pjs

    #6 you are crazy hot! But why does it seem that ur beautiful blue eyes got as big as mine did after u put that awesomely functional bra on?

  • Mr. Eff

    #42 That's cool and all, but why is your cat sniffing your belly button?

  • scratchg0lfr

    string findHer(#42)

  • dustin

    #15 reminds me of beans from even stevens

  • illWill

    #19 'gotta be shopped. No man has enough blood to run both those things at the same time.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #33 – damn i love tighty whities.

  • miquel

    I am almost afraid to go out to dinner with a chive shirt on, as I feel like it would be necessary to tip 100 dollars that i dont have

  • phideauxe

    #9 very cute, but can't imagine her in combat…..

    • anonymous

      that's why she has a desk job, she's a linguist.

      • Marissa

        how do you know this?

        • BenDerDunDatGotHat

          And FYI, not all linguist positions are "desk jobs"… like SF, for example.

  • I love puppy's

    #44 is so Adorable!!! 😋

  • Lucy 3553

    #46 Is so adorable I wanna hug him! ❤

  • john

    #8…that is my ex 100%!

  • Mick

    #6 those eyes O_o

  • Andy Perron

    #9. I wanna be on your boat.

  • LambChop

    #27 how duz he recognise you if he's in the friend zone??

  • http://www.superseedband.com AndySaximus

    #30 More please

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