Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • 2Dogs

    Salute…21 guns…

  • Andy

    #31, really, poor dog at least he had an epic last meal. 😦

  • AnItalianChiver

    #13 sure, your teacher… Nice try 9gag boy

  • Justlikemypoop


    • samib1331

      Awww. Now I want to know what the comment was!

  • kokuryuha

    #4 …how am I supposed to be able to go to sleep now? Then again, that is a good morning..

  • Otter

    #31 My dog fell ill suddenly and we arranged to let him go at the end of the day. Afterwards I wished I had thought of something like this – let him eat whatever he wanted. Mind, he was unconscious most of the day and I never left his side, but still. RIP Lennox and good on you guys for making his final hours happy.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #28 made me lol. Damn moths and their texting capabilities!

  • tehbox

    #19 Dr. Who rules!

    • Andrew

      That picture caused me physical pain. Love Doctor Who.

    • Man Tears

      Pretty sure that episode broke me for a few days.

  • SnakemanDan85

    #31. Who's a big sweety!!! Love the puppers!!

  • Sharpey

    #4 Has to be reposted in HQ! It just has to!

  • Andrew

    Hello my fellow chives. My grandpa is having open heart surgery today and Id appreciate all the positive vibes you can muster being sent his way. Thanks guys and kcco

    • majorfathead

      Luck Gramps!

  • rebeltrack11

    #31 RIP Lennox
    Glad to see the tremendous last meal!

  • Sirwally


  • JetBuilder777

    #7 confuses my penis!

  • JetBuilder777
  • jmk

    #7 definitely has some mommy issues

  • Sexual

    Asdads I wanna punch you square in the face then punch you again square in the face!! Yes I don't have kids, cause of issues but the closest to a human I can get is a dog and she's my little girl.. Fuck off twice!! I hope your day is ruined and you fall and skin your knees

    • KLO

      what the fuck was this….

  • daking


    why was he put down?
    Did he kill another dog or bite someone?

    • daking is daidiot

      no. look at how old he is with the gray mask.

      only an idiot cat owner would assume he killed another dog or bite someone.

  • ThePatriot

    #22 PANTERA!!!! Raising that lil kid right!

    • SEA

      RIP Dimebag

      • ThePatriot

        getcha pull brother! just poured me a black tooth grin, I'll pour you one too!

  • seanster77

    I am so sorry to you and Lennox. He knows how much you love him

  • NebraskaGuy

    #34 If it fits, it ships!

  • mongoose5271

    #31 One of the hardest things I ever had to do was put down our dog…sorry to hear that.

  • golfn9

    #31 that's is sad and I hope he ate it all, 😦

  • Dr. Gonzo

    #31 Putting down a pet is akin to putting down a member of your own family. Two years ago we put down Raisin, our much loved shepard-mutt. She suffered a stroke a year and a half before (she was 15 human years at the time). With alittle love, and much encouragement, she was able to stand and go for walks again. A second stroke a year later left her almost blind, incontinent and barely able to walk. We took her to the vet, petted her and held her until she stopped breathing. We wrapped her in her favorite blanket and buried her at home.

    Dogs are our best friends. They never judge and love us unconditionally. Humans MADE dogs. We took them in, gave them homes, names and sometimes jobs. I don't think humans would have been the same without our four legged confidants.

    One big, sloppy, greasy last meal made of the things Lennox drooled over and never got a chance at is the sweetest kindest and probably most appropriate gesture you can bestow on your parting friend. I wish we had thought of it for Raisin. Keep Calm and Chive On.

  • @Matt_Sauce

    #31… this just ruined my day… I was quite happy til i saw this… Poor little guy

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