Going to the gym is a great opportunity to see truly bizarre s#^t (30 Photos)

  • Chivette

    #28 is annoying. GTFO if you're there for girly chit chat. While *you* are there to get attention in your matching black and pink victoria secret get up, I am there to do my sets, cardio, GET IN AND GET OUT.

  • Ables

    Numbers 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15, 17, 26 & 27 aren't that stupid, all could be easily rationalized (if you need me to explain any I can). A few others, like squatting on top of the ball, aren't incredibly horrible just kind of worthless.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – i actually give this guy props.

  • LCR915

    #3 There's nothing wrong if there aren't any squat racks. I do this sometimes
    #5 is just a superset
    #7 Leg Raises
    #12 another superset
    #13 It's effective to use a smith machine for leg presses if there isn't a leg press machine
    #14 is just BAMF
    #20 Works core
    #26 are inverted pull ups. THey work back
    #27 sucks if you actually do them
    and #29 girls can go kill themselves

  • rfk

    #24 is hysterical

  • Yup

    #27 is just stupid. Owners should lose affiliation and be chastised.

  • Bob

    #14…This is a hell of a thing to see. Must take amazing balance.

  • Eli

    I've never seen #20 but it looks quite beneficial

  • The Count

    10, 10 REPOSTS AH AH AH

    #22 Stolen from Funny Junk

    #7 That's what you're meant to do

  • 0_0
  • Max

    Mother of god, I HATE guys like #18. They spend so much down time doing absolutely nothing (like 10 minutes between sets, then do TERRIBLE form (like only go down halfway), using stupid things like double braces (why have stabilizer muscles? bet you couldn't do half that weight if you took them off) and then SCREAM so everyone in the gym knows just how much *weight they are pushing*. Those are the jerkoffs that make the gym a contest instead of a place of fitness.

  • Faze

    #29 They're already smokeshows. They don't have to use the machines. They're there to find shredded dudes and bang them. Hopefully it was the chiver who took the picture.

  • http://twitter.com/Turly58 @Turly58

    #14 All of his training will pay off the day he gets to kill Bill.

  • Stick

    TheChive's never been to a gym, I see.
    Nothing odd here.

  • Derp

    Stupid post..

  • Hybrid

    lol and these are the same clowns who make yearly new year resolutions, just to fail a couple of weeks later.

    the gyms love people like that since they pay in full almost always, they get injured (trying to show off) or ignorance, and the others who manage to walk around with a cellphone all the time.

    bottom line if your serious about anything in life, you gotta apply yourself as much as you can.

  • UGTP

    #7 actually got me a decent little six pack in about 6 weeks. plus its kinda fun to be honest.

  • Pappel

    #2. Times are tough in San Diego haha

  • El Chicken

    #14 Booyakashaw, weze do the push ups like da circus

  • kdo1212

    #26 is basically a push up in reverse. You pull up instead of push.

  • HamptonsWorld80

    Krispy Kreme Donuts so good they set up a stand at the gym like a MFn BOSS #30

  • randomperson32

    #8 why is taking 60 seconds of time to watch an Olympic Race stupid ???

  • http://twitter.com/HaileyRhea @HaileyRhea

    #16 Hate when that happens…

  • josh

    #30 must be a PLANET FITNESS and if that's a trainer behind #20 he should fired

  • JP1

    #25 Is Ryan Adams thinking about picking up 'roids next?

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