Newly Single Chivettes (44 Photos)

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  • Brett


    • KCCO

      even the slanted writing is sexy.

      • Got em

        So where are the hot girls?


    #18 Doll
    #36 Wow, that's a lip smackin Ass!!

    • Handjob Murphy

      Number 36….that makes me all bitey. Wow. But all of these women, each a beautiful, desirable person. I wish them all love and joy and satisfaction. Thank ye.

    • Hassel Shattnerhoff

      #36 Please send moar of that perfect tush!

  • 1_eye

    #7 and #44, all day

    • Jesus Christ

      'Cept shes a Pats fan. 😦

    • Carl

      #44 it's a trap!

      • GO PATS

        GO PATS!!!

      • @JustinMcGrail

        Get at me #44

        Boston Meet Up soon?

    • whattata

      She looks like that vampire chick from True Blood

  • jmonster

    #26 Not single for long with that rack and lip bite. MOAAARR!

    • Jack

      Please find her

  • 神威

    like real talk. How do I inquire about one of these single girls from here??

    • bigyawns

      start by not having an anime display picture

      • NYChiver

        Leave your dungeon once in a blue moon. It's amazing what you can find once you leave the basement….

        • Hampsterstand

          To be fair, I've been out a lot and I haven't met more than 1 sexy chivette, and she had a pretty rad chiver boyfriend.

  • Jesus Christ

    Feel free to hit me up anytime ladies. I'm always listening. Just start with "Dear Jesus, KCCO, I'm single." And I'll be right there. Look at the legs on #14! They go on and on.

    • Ben

      jesus is a leg man

      • Jesus Christ

        You know it.

  • jjjjjjjj

    #7 dem eyes

    • acslayer

      beat me to it, princess eyes

    • Krautman73

      Gorgeous eyes!

  • sure

    #43 milf city

    • GeeGonkey!

      That's one city i need to visit!

    • Jesus Christ

      Not into moms but I'd take that one to town.

      • Slim Jim

        pound town

    • dill

      no shit! I wanna get into those panties

    • Jake


    • nanard

      You're goregeous, thumbs up for keeping your body hot
      Would love to see more Chivettes like her, real girls and not anorexic underage…

  • Sean D

    I would never leave the bed

  • Samuel

    While I'm sure all of these Chivettes are awesome, doesn't anybody else look at a really hot, newly single girl and think "just how crazy is she that some guy doesn't want someone this hot anymore?"

    • Joe

      No matter how hot she is, someone, somewhere, is tired of her shit.

      • NYChiver

        Half are probably nuts and the other half probably dated some HUGE dbags. We all know bombshells with bf's that make you question humanity.

      • Dr. Sitaredes

        HAHAHAHA. Hysterical! Did you just make that up?

    • Trudat

      Exactly my thoughts. Sure, some of them were victims of douchebag boyfriends, but many of them are definitely She-Devils.

    • whos.mike

      Mine will pry be on here next month if she doesn't fix her self.

    • trey

      show me a hot girl and I'll show you a guy tired of having sex with her.

      • orl

        I don't think the sex would ever get old. However if they're crazy it's the other 23 hours a day that make it miserable.

    • dudemitch

      you just gotta check the hot/crazy scale.

  • rhodytarheel

    #19 You must be single by choice!

    • Bob

      Yep. She probably chooses to be a bitch or needy or psycho….

  • Mikeg01sf


    • AnItalianChiver

      49ers.. really?

    • Rachel

      Hell Yeah I am! Just for that I'll be takin some pics and sending them in. Lets hope I make it!

    • Rachel

      Sure am Mike, will make sure to send some 49er luv your way 😉

      • Mikeg01sf

        Atta girl rachel. Cant wait to seem. Put to my "49er chiver mike". Ahhaha

    • dubsf

      I was just thinking the same thing Mike G. Go Niners!

  • Tx_Chiver

    #3 how can anyone be so dumb as to let go of her, she looks beautiful

  • Belli

    Sooo # 1 – 44 They're all nuts…

    • whale huntr

      these ones all looked nuts this time, imo, except #10, + #44, and the ones i couldnt see faces. maybe a bit too recently single, they all looked weathered and upset

      • WiscoChiver

        #41 HUBBA! HUBBA!

  • Brett

    #44 Looks like your back to searching for man cuz ur Pats folded like cheap card table..

    • NYChiver

      Annnd boom goes the dynamite.

    • darkohanzo

      It only let me hit thumbs up once on this so im sad. I wanted to do infinite thumbs up

    • Ed Reed

      Go Ravens!!!

  • sixdeadelves

    why are there so many "Newly Single Chivettes"?

    • Garret

      Personally I'd like to see a whole lot more, especially on (Long Island).

    • Chris

      Chicks want a fantasy that Fifty Shades of Grey says they can have…. Not the reality a decent stable guy would willingly give…

    • Sully

      Yeah right? Should have broken up before Christmas to avoid having to give presents.

  • Unit

    Wow #36!

    • CST

      Omg id marry #36 tomorrow!

    • Mike

      this girl is amazing! i wanna see moarrr! lots moarrrr!

    • Marco

      Plump and Juicy as F###!!! Thank you!

  • KAJ

    #43 for me please???

  • Where's Dildo

    I hope these women aren't newly single because they are all show and no go. And #36, wow.

    • Bud

      They are sending half naked pictures of themselves to a website. I'm pretty sure they go.

      • Where's Dildo

        I've known plenty of girls who will take those pics but when it comes time to back it up, they fall short. Attention whores are an odd bunch with insane insecurities.

        • Bud

          I would be willing to bet that the graph of "girls who take their clothes off on the internet" and "likelihood to have casual sex" is a steadily increasing line. I know the type you are talking about and they definitely exist but I would say they are not the majority.

  • Nick

    All these women have one thing in common, somewhere some guy is sick of their shit

    • tim

      yep your exactly right.there are quite a few that you can tell from there expression that they think they are gods gift and think there better than everybody else.

  • Jeric

    A bunch of crazy bitches that are full of themselves and that some guy got sick of dealing with.

    • Kyle

      Whitegirls…only good for a bangin' then on to the next one

      • Fuman Zybar

        You blow dead animals, dicknose

  • 5.0

    #24 – gorgeous smile & eyes

    #43 – Holy moly!!! Love your hips & small waist.

    • DrGarnicus

      #24—so beautiful! Hope she lives in SoCal! But, she's too pretty for a place like this.

      • Tracy

        Sorry! I'm a Nebraska girl!

        • Zach


        • dubsf

          That sort of natural beauty doesn't exist in So Cal…or many other places.

  • Brett

    #43 Tina Fey or Sarah Palin lookalike?

  • Ishbar

    Chivettes are just too damn hot!

  • What_Tha

    #26 You owe me a new jaw.

    • OhioChiver

      ^^ That post reply. Nailed it my friend.

    • Jmedee07

      Well thank you 🙂

      • What_Tha

        You're most welcome. Please don't hold back from sending more. Or MOAR

    • Rock

      She needs to shave her upper lip.

      • Jmedee07

        And you, sir, can go fuck yourself 🙂

        • cal

          ha! and she's funny. total package.

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