Newly Single Chivettes (44 Photos)

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  • Stephen

    #22 JB???

  • Bob

    #7, #18, #27, #43…What, I say WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS, if you won't tell us where they are from?!?!

    One of the best ideas you will ever have is stealing my idea of setting up a chiver/chivette/berry singles mixer. For the love of fuck.

  • Pete

    #33 very nice. Good choice. Now burn it 😉

  • MEAT

    #10 i would give you the world

  • GimmpyTheBrave

    I don't get how all this amazing women are single. It baffles me!

  • Creep

    #35 – Don't do that thing with your mouth. If you wanna do something with your mouth…

  • John

    My God…Super Gap! #44

  • James

    #7, Dibs!

  • jaw_dropped

    #18 – I'm having a hard time KC

  • Alex

    I will gladly take any of you on a date #4 in particular

  • JustTrollin

    #20 #30 Based on the pics, I can't imagine why you're newly single… KCCO!

  • RustyxTrombone

    Ill be around for that rebound sex that's good enough for me.

  • BallsOfSteel

    #15,#39 Look like they give great crazy

  • Brian D.

    #8 #17 #36 you won't be single long!

  • Patrick

    :O #14 is dear god amazinggggg. Moar pleaseee for a MD Chiver 😀

  • thisonethatone

    #10 is my kinda girl. Although her right hand in this photo kinda looks like a foot. With a weird big toe. KCCO

  • Paul

    # 1 single?????? My as!!!!!!!

    • Mel

      No, really, I am.

  • Matt

    #4 what was he thinking!!

  • Sneak Ninja

    Dear #24, I'd like to be your Manti Teo

  • Frank

    Chive, make a dating site. For chivers by chivers

  • @JuanPaBackPack

    #1 through #44 I will like to publicly thank all 44 morons that cheated or left you. Thank you idiots for given them more self esteem and us chivers this amazing pictures!

  • Mark

    18 19 23 won't be single long. Look good ladies.

  • browner333

    #13 love the back dimples

  • Ernesto Gonzalez

    #26 What a great shot. Definitely sexy with the subtle bite of the lip. Next person will be fortunate

  • firefighter 21

    #18 MOAR please You are beautiful

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