Newly Single Chivettes (44 Photos)

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  • Ernesto Gonzalez

    #26 What a great shot. Definitely sexy with the subtle bite of the lip. Next person will be fortunate

  • ChiverMedic

    #44 way to KCCO

  • ChrisCJ

    #44 you said it! It is too bad Pats lost!

  • Jacson777

    I'm single too and available for date if you want beautiful ladies 🙂

  • NeedleFapper

    #6, I would like to take you out.

  • Heath

    Diggin the tat #4 and everything else too! #16 yer doin it right and won't be single long 🙂

  • Popps

    Anyone one of you beautiful women in Charlotte..?

  • The MFA

    Holy Hell why are there no Northwest Florida Chivettes?? I think I may need to move to civilization.

  • STL_Chiver

    This girls are like Best Buy's returned "Open Box" items…

    • Lani

      And what are you? An "end of life" product or deleted sku that no one wants?

  • Troy


    Take off the hipster glasses. You're hot!

  • Cory Hastings

    Ladies I am available! . . .

  • dbcooper

    #14 Wish you hot girls had better cameras!

  • Paige B

    Thank you for all the comments. And it's nice having the haters too. ;]


  • Jmedee07

    That awkward moment when you get back with your ex and he finds you a week later on newly single chivettes…. KCCO!!!! <3. #26

  • steve

    #20 – good God! We NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    #44' you are just another reason I love being a Pats fan. Come be my Gisele.

  • Slowpoke

    Chive can you please find her? That's perfection at its finest!

  • Freddy

    I need moar of #4! Beautiful!

  • Anthony

    If any of you live in the Houston area, tell me where a single chiver could find you.

  • Adrian

    #1 chive give this amazing creature my number 0011 61 4 11 35 44 55 from a loyal Aussie Chiver!

    • Mel

      I have twitter..?

      • @adriancata

        i got you there Mel….talk soon 🙂

  • kris

    #1 i love u

    • Mel

      Aw thanks! ❤

  • Lucas.ND

    #18 you look beautiful in that flannel. wish i could find you so i can ask you out to dinner

  • mat

    #21 would you like to run away with a guy who may or may not be a little strange? Just kidding, you're beautiful. Can't believe some fucktard let you get away… his loss!

  • lebelge

    If these girls really are single they can call me up any time starting with #14 and moving on to #36

  • Rock

    Just further proof that no matter how good they look, someone is tired of their shit.

    • Tracy

      As we have all heard a thousand times. Really? Come up with new shit. Is it so hard to believe that maybe just MAYBE your precious male species was the one to fuck up? Maybe he cheated, maybe he drank to much, maybe he degraded his significant other… or maybe he was just to immature to deal with a woman and needs to look in the girls department. Good day.

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