Newly Single Chivettes (44 Photos)

  • @NoahEast

    #35 I wouldn't mind more. From a newly single IN Chiver.

  • Pierre
  • jkappa6

    #31 #43
    well done!

  • Geoff

    #13 Happily divorced? HAHAH love when women say that! MOAR

  • ed manning

    # 43 nuff said

  • Craig Parker

    I'm in #7 's friendzone =/

  • Logan

    #40 why would anyone let someone so gorgeous go?!

  • Jeff

    Nice to see a chivette from WI #41

  • bigjohn

    #35 Wish I knew a good single Hoosier for ya. Thanks for representing the Hoosier state well!

  • ROFL-J


  • Dusti R

    #10 I want to marry you. Be my chivette.

  • Marcin

    #24 id marry (: so natural pure beauty

    • Tracy

      Why thank you! 😉

  • kevin

    #18 is Beautiful and totally captivating.. Certainly a keeper!!!!

  • bdeyhle

    #18 Absolutely Beautiful!!

  • bdeyhle

    #21 I am in Love!!!

  • jeff lefavor

    Why don't you ever show newly single dudetts you know those of guys out here ?

  • Petey

    #36, #41 hotties!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Must find MOAR of #4. You have to find this perfect creature!

  • Patrick D. Paquette

    #44 ASAPPPPP

  • Garrett

    #10 is probably one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. Please live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia:)

  • Matt

    Good grief there's some retarded hot chivettes. I'm a pretty good catch myself but damn, I'd fight a half dozen rabid opossums with a butter knife for a shot at most of those girls.

    So many pretty eyes, and the butts on #4, #35, and #36 kill me. Good luck single chivettes, I'm sure you won't be for long!

  • chris

    for every good lookin girl in the world who you think is perfect, there is a man who is tired of her crazy ass bullshit

  • waltgator

    #28 shoulda put out…?

  • Jim

    #41 is a one of kind wisconsin girl.

  • GeoQuin4

    I would suffocate between the thighs of any of these ladies, having been in such pure bliss I'd simply forget to come up for air…

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