True facts that are full of ‘WTF’ (15 Photos)

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  • Ben

    #18 obviously doesn't have children.

    • reaperMEDIC

      Exactly what I was thinking. Just ask my 2 year old if she pooped her pants….

  • Livin' Legend

    #20 I would go to Japan just for this. It would be a very expensive action figure. Then again, there are plenty of things to do there. I may have just invented the next big T-shirt craze:

    "Came for the action figure, stayed for the bukkake!"

    It works on a number of levels.

  • rhodytarheel

    #18 My 3 year old son lies. So can I assume that he is advanced?

  • aDoughnut

    So Hard To Resist #30

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – want.

    • Bob Fungus

      Having owned an iPhone, Android, and now Lumia 920, I can say that Windows Phone 8 destroys the competition. Best phone out there by a longshot.

  • MnChiver


    Math, fail!!!

    • ickeymickey

      On your part. If u r born in 51, 100 years later would b 151, 100 years after that would b 251 and 50 years after that would b 301. Thus living in 3 centuries. Keep calm, math on!!!

  • whoknew

    #19 I call bullshit. I have two puppies, litter mates, and the bigger male does not let the smaller female win. He will go after her until he gets bored.

  • Martin

    I hate to say this but a majority of these 'fun facts' read like they were written by some girl in junior high. I call BS on a lot of them

  • Wonderin

    I hope this tumblr reposting trend doesn't stick around too long…

  • Jesus Christ

    #19 Don't humans do this too? How else you supposed to get that poon? #3 I think this can happen in people too.

  • Kid-Kosher

    oh crap. #4 IS ME!

  • Mr Ice-cream

    #14 is only true if the advertisement is not for ice-cream. For example, if the ad is for chocolate sauce then mashed potato can be used as ice-cream. Advertisers are not allowed to substitute the product being advertised.

  • @mikeydangerous

    Are we sure that it isn't the other way around and creative people tend to be more sarcastic?

  • Hybrid

    #28 is untrue, i believe it has to do with a woman's behind. the shape it makes when she bends over.

  • Busternut

    #13 Is not a fact.

  • John

    #28 I keep seeing the same 3 or 4 theories for the heart shape, and this is none of them.

  • 16inchzipper

    #15 Dolphins that eat seals!

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  • misschris

    #28 Could they have used a creepier damn photo??

  • Frank


    And are the same people that will tell you dogs are better than people.

  • Dydy

    #28 is crap. It was actually because the inventor (I think St. Valentine) was an ass man and it was originally meant to represent a woman's ass when she bent over as seen from above. i.e. What you see when getting head. Look it up. LMAO.

  • Coldzilla

    These are one HELL of a lot better than what @OMGFacts tries to pass off as "facts" on twitter LOL


    Fun fact #1 – proper grammer and spelling is hard to do! Translate Google is huray!

  • Pikesville

    #14 They use Crisco

    #26 Read this one a few times, no idea what it says

  • Skeptic

    OK, fact checking time…

    #1 – The benefits of laughter and sleep are very different from each other, so trying to quantify an equivalent is ridiculous. It's comparing apples and oranges.

    #5 – The cloud of alcohol this is referring to is a cloud of methanol, which is poisonous and would cause you to go blind if ingested. Here's an article on the methanol cloud:

    #6 – Philophobia is just the fear of love. They just changed to definition to make it more vague and sound cool.

    #28 – This is simply false. The origin of the shape of the heart is unknown but here are some theories: it came from the shape of the seedpod of the extinct plant silphium (which was used as a form of birth control and therefore became associated with sex/love), it was seen in a vision by a saint along with thorns and became known as the heart of Jesus, or people just tried to draw a heart and fucked up. Here's an article on it for those interested:

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