• Alabaster Shagnasty

    2:40 It would have been nice to see if he pulled this off. Incredible (move)..vid is ho-hum.

    • ThePacHimself


  • bwaggger

    Who else replayed 02:12-02:15 over and over again?

  • morsoccer1386

    I never want this video to end. Such good stuff.

  • LALA

    but really wtf is the name of the song and its artist?

  • Canucks_Rule

    neat vid.

  • Mike

    Gavin Free and the Slow Mo guys @0:44.
    Wewt Rooster Teeth

  • hurr durr

    Most of this is biking surfing and skateboarding. This video blows.

  • chad

    beauty of a video

  • Patrick

    2:45 moar!!!

  • irishfan#5

    Love the little guy learning to surf. You can see him overcome his fears. That kid rocks!

  • Guest

    so where are the amazing women surfers, bikers, snowboarders etc in action .. or are they just body parts in our amazing world? such cliches make me yawn!

  • Track title

    Track: Riverside – Obel.
    I typed the first 5 words she sings in google and added lyrics. Dont be useless.

    • USMChiver

      Or click the link at the bottom of the video and they tell you who remixed it

  • Simply Joe

    A few .gif s need to be made from this

  • Fireguy343

    For those asking for the original, you can find it here with other similar videos.

  • Thomas

    Whats the song? I know it's Agnes Obel but who remixed it?

  • dannyboy2799

    Can somebody please tell me which mix this is? I know it's "Riverside" by Agnes Obel, but I can't find the exact mix…oh yeah, KCCO and all that fun stuff…

  • jUSTIN

    I'm with dannyboy2799, I can't find the remix version played in the video. Please help!

  • jUSTIN
  • screwutoo

    this is some white person's dream. A bunch of shit going on and not one Black person in this amazing world or at least that's what the video would lead one to believe. This must be the fuckin' chive.?

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