Actors that played some unrecognizable roles (60 Photos)

Some roles are more familiar than others but almost all of these characters look astonishingly different from the people who played them.

  • Guest

    How many people looked up Kevin Peter Hall to see how tall he was?

    • YaSee

      The Predator was originally going to be JCVD.

  • tiff

    so which is him out of makeup? #51

  • ChefPeekie

    How the hell can you forget Ron Pelman as Hellboy???

  • Sean

    over half of these people are major characters and most of those are the lead role, who wouldn't know who they were.

  • mac

    #2 Very interesting i never knew Tim Curry was IT. Still creeps the Fuc# out.

  • Beau

    #57 is still the most dramatic, IMO.

  • Oaken

    I'm pretty sure the Ryan Reynolds one is a mistake. He played Wade Wilson not Weapon XI. Weapon XI was played by Scott Adkins.

    • IrishInNJ

      You're referring to the blurry fight scenes. Adkins was the stunt/fight double. When we see close ups it is Reynolds in the make up.

    • darkohanzo

      I was wondering the same thing and read every comment to see if anyone had put that on here. Glad someone else caught that

  • kahn23

    #35 You used a picture from Hellraiser Revelations, the ninth movie in the series and the only Hellraiser movie to not feature Doug Bradley. Lol, better get some solid fact checkers. That doesn't even look nearly like the original pinhead.

  • enricosalve

    Jermaine Clement as Boris in MIB 3!

  • Adam

    Oh come on. Robin Williams was Mrs. Doubtfire? No fucking way. And I refuse to believe that Brad pitt played an older version of himself in The Bucket List! Most of these completely blew my mind!

  • Dave

    Robert Picardo as Meg (the Troll) in Legend

  • matt

    So, if you voice a CGI character you make this list? Hmmm

  • DrGarnicus

    #44–he was also Butterfinger in Hudson Hawk.

  • drbman

    #27 the best bar none

  • CD3

    #15 reynolds actually didnt play deadpool.

    • Truth

      Yes he did, that's him. Scott Adkins did the fight scenes.

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  • Marc

    #4 Everyday is upper-body day.

  • Livin' Legend

    I kind of wish they had alternately mirrored the pictures of Doug Jones to make him look like he's dancing.

  • Warren

    Seriously? you picked #59 Tom Cruise, who looks exactly like fat Tom Cruise, and left out Robert Downie Jr. Not a good list, you left out Christopher Reeves as superman.

  • @LosSaysSwag

    In short: Doug Jones is a master of disguise

  • Steve

    #15 is not Ryan Reynolds

    • Truth

      Yes it is him. Scott Adkins did the fight scenes.

  • korey2384

    Things that I've learned today: #1 Doug Jones is an absolute BEAST… There is no #2

  • SteveB

    Apparently, CGI, masks, and a lot of make-up make actors unrecognizable… WHO KNEW!

  • BlackStarrLine

    Don't know if this was mentioned, but Care Blanchett (sp?) as Bob Dylan in 'I'm not There'.

    • BlackStarrLine

      Cate Blanchett*

  • brucebonsai

    How 'bout Edward Norton as King Baldwin in "Kingdom of Heaven"? I had no idea it was him.

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