Actors that played some unrecognizable roles (60 Photos)

Some roles are more familiar than others but almost all of these characters look astonishingly different from the people who played them.

  • LBChiver

    #16 Christopher Walken in: Christopher Walken.

  • Jespenson

    #49 Doug Jones didn't play Johann Krauss.

  • Inigo Montoya

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Nick

    robert downey jr tropic thunder?

    • LazyJake

      i'm wondering where he is too. he needs to be on this list.

  • Eric Henrie

    Alan Tudyk for I, robot

  • Coat Man

    #15 is wrong. Weapon XI was played by stuntman Scott Adkins.

    • Truth

      That is Reynolds. Adkins did the stuntwork.

      • Jay

        No, it's not. Reynolds does NOT appear onscreen in any for post- transformation. It's Adkins from the moment he gets off the table.

  • papan

    doug jones voiced the characters in hell boy 2 but didnt actually play them

    • celkali

      Actually, he played every single one pictured here. In fact, his voice was dubbed over in the first movie by David Hyde Pierce. Pierce was so impressed with Jones' performance that re refused to be credited, and Jones got to use his own voice in the next movie.

  • guest

    So obviously Guillero Del Toro has a huge hard on for Doug Jones then…

  • Macro

    #4 The juice is loose

  • Buddy J

    #6 #7 are recognizable a mile away. The rest are hidden thou yea

  • ShadowOps

    #16 looks just like normal Walken.

  • Frank

    Pretty lame. Might as well list James Earl Jones as Darth Vader or Mustafa.

  • Sam

    #44 went to my highschool

  • Kurtis

    Awful list. Billy Bob Thorton in Sling Blade > all of these

  • Sneak Ninja

    #17 how is john travolta in a dress unrecognizable?

  • 852lok

    Yeah, uhm almost half of these are super recognizable.

  • pogogogo

    #6 I see no difference

  • Joe

    What about Sarah Jessica Parker in Warhorse or Seabiscuit?

  • t3h_j0k3r3r

    wheres dave grohl as the devil in pick of destiny?

  • ted

    Where is Ron Pearlman. Beauty and the Beast and Hellboy

  • reivers

    This post made feel bad…my reaction to 75% of these was "who?"

  • Chris

    Look up Judah Friedlander in American Splendor

  • Travis

    #2 Pennywise, the standard against which all scary clowns will forever be measured. Tim Curry is a genius.

  • celkali

    Much love to y'all for this. I love when big name actors get into such heavy makeup. And when character actors get noticed.
    Monsieur Jones, by the way, is a strange feller, but he's awesomely nice (if a bit creepy). Check him out in the Fear Itself episode Skin and Bones. Or in the Fallout Nuka Break webseries. Or .. fuck it, anything really. I've never seen anyone use their hands so creepily. Wow, that sounded fucking weird.

  • Brandon

    The Pinhead you used is from the last movie. Doug Bradley was not in it.

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