Actors that played some unrecognizable roles (60 Photos)

Some roles are more familiar than others but almost all of these characters look astonishingly different from the people who played them.

  • ChodeLauncher

    Most of these were really well known

  • Eric

    About 99% of these were obvious. This post was a waste of my life

  • NikkeD

    #55 almost as harry as chewie

  • red4

    *sigh* Somebody doesn't know what the word "unrecognizable" means.
    Anyway, #33 is flat out wrong. That robot was played by Alan Tudyk of Firefly fame.

  • Whateve's

    No offense to this post but some of these characters or from facely actors and others transformed into the unrecognizible character during the movie.

    • Whateve's

      Damn! I became one of those! I meant faceless actors.

  • Pants

    #39 Gary Fucking Oldman aka Commissioner Fucking Gordon and Victor Fucking Reznov? Wowzers.

  • heywood jablowme

    how about Matt Damon in Eurotrip?

  • crazydog

    You hit it right on the head….. still think he's a wackadoo but he was beyond fucking hilarious as les grossman

  • Ryan

    Okay, maybe common knowledge for movie buffs and the inanely inquisitive, but good fun for the lot of us who aren't up on our behind the scenes and imdb feeds.

  • James

    Needs to have hugo weaving in V for Vendetta. I was surprised to hear that when I did

  • hai

    Some of these are huge reaches. especially the actors in makeup with no prosthetic parts or the CGIs that are modeled after the actor.

    The most obvious one was Michael Chiklis as the Thing, it looks just like him.

  • Toni

    These were all horribly obvious….just saying chive, you have done better with far less…this post was a blunder.

  • thedude

    come on, chive, Warwick Davis was also Professor Flitwick through the entire set of movies.

    • heywood jablowme

      people also forget that he played Wicket in Return of the Jedi.

  • Ricardo

    Someone has already posted it, but the role of Weapon XI in Wolverine, photo #15, is credited to Soctt Adkins, not Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds did enter the movie, but as Deadpool at the begining of the movie. Though it is a great post. Nice to see some transformations.

  • Jay

    Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson up until he was transformed into Deadpool. Post transformation, he was played by Scott Adkins.
    It's Adkins pictured on the right.

  • aiesfj

    A lot of these are stupid, for instance the fat ass in the nutty professor turned into eddie murphy in the movie.

  • Bob Swarley

    #15 is incorrect. Ryan Reynolds DID play Wade Wilson/Deadpool, but that was not him as Weapon XI, it was a body double.

  • Adam

    Come on dude. 99 percent of these are soooo obvious.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #23 #39 #48 – trippy.

  • commander cool

    this is a stupid pos. agreed, some of them are unrecognisable, but a lot of them were well-known as playing the parts. jack nicholson unrecognisable as the joker? give me a fucking break. try harder Bob

  • CVSleen

    Most of these were painfully obvious. But #1, #17, and #33 are pretty good.

  • i like boobs

    what about dave grohl in tenacious d POD?

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  • Johan

    48. I don't see any difference

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