Best photos of the week (68 Photos)

  • johnnystyle25

    #24 That whole package is a winner!

    • NZChiver

      Who is she?

      • meisco

        anton borodavka

        • Giblets

          Anton is the photographer

          • pannychous

            Seriously, who the hell IS she? I keep running into her pic and can't find her name for the life of me.

            • GlibTongue

              Ekaterina Antonenko.

              You're welcome.

    • Adam Sandler

      'Fuck me in the goat ass'

      • Narf

        Fucking superimposed and shit.

        • Adam Sandler

          Awesome Narf is awesome.


      Need more of her! WOW

    • GlibTongue

      Last time I'm going to say it.

      Ekaterina Antonenko.

      If you fail to check back on previous questions you've made, it's not my fault you're a moron.

      She only ever did one photoshoot, so don't expect much out there.

      • Lefty

        Then there's only one thing to do…

  • None

    Awesome week

    • Poop Stain

      #5 me after eating #6 salsa doesnt agree with me

    • @JJrrake

      Awesome post like do u even lift?

      • Penis Wrinkle

        I like you JJ…keep it up.

    • Bill

      Just curious as to why MLK is the only one in color in #2?

  • Que

    #63 What the shit?

    • Mikey D

      Face-hugger aimed too high

  • boob_cuddler

    #29 could cheer #33 up.

  • Josh Wall

    #44 The Old Country Market, Coombs, BC, Canada. My first job was scooping ice cream there when I was 16.

    • Chambo

      I loved Coombs as a kid!

    • Edward

      I used to play on that roof as a kid

      • Sureluck

        Goats play on the roof.
        Baby goats are called kids.
        So…. Edward is a goat?

        Damn… did not see that coming.

    • Smokey

      I bought a bong there once

    • Sean McP

      Always used to swing in for ice cream on our way to Port Alberni from Victoria to visit family. It was like a bribe to keep us quiet when we started getting antsy around Parksville. Been a long time.

    • Corradojeff

      Above the ice cream was always the beef jerky, salmon jerky and candied salmon. MmmmMmm

  • Ilovecats

    The thundercats signal is summoning me. I must go

    • FartBubble

      HHHOOOOOOOOOO! By the way it was always obvious Panthra was a bad ass black dude.

  • TheYesMan25

    #29 still one of the best of the year!

    • bob hio

      who is she!?

      • @JJrrake

        Ew bro does she even lift?

      • T.K.

        Alie layus

  • Abusement_Park

    #33. The look on my face was probably pretty similar to this after 30 seconds of exposure to The Kroll Show.

    • Colin

      Looks the forbidden love child of Owl and Eeyore

    • Travis

      After the first time I reloaded the Chive waiting for the DAR that day. 😦

    • @JJrrake

      Who do u think u are prime minister steven harper?

  • Skinny

    #19 Yum

    • Truth Hurts



      add to cart

    • Tommy boy

      I'd put it in that pooper.

  • LeO

    I called time out! Chill the Fuck out human.. you're making me look bad

  • Shelby Furst


    • DickInHand

      You are a terrible person.

  • eze

    #29 who is this please

    • image search by url

      alie layus

    • yakfisher

      alie layus

      • @JJrrake

        Joe lotto of the calgary flames?

        • T-moss


  • THBT

    #4 Riley Steele one of my favorites.

    • epic ass is epic

      FAP on MotherFapper

    • CVSleen

      Knew she looked familiar, just couldn't place it.

  • Kevrhutch

    WOW she has it all!!

    • bUSTERA


      • L A

        Laura Christine.

        • Wil

          google image this name lol

    • Petey

      Ew boobs are too small

      • Amber

        You're crazy

  • NorCaliChiver

    #24 is in top 5 hottests girls to grace theChive community…wonder how her personality is?

    • Knowsfromexperience

      Raving psycho bitch is my guess. Most hot girls are.

    • Nate

      You can't have sex with her personality. And you can't put your fist in her college degree.

      • IamAwesome

        So why you sharing all this information with me?

        • Saint Nicholas

          Beclause fuck you. That's why

          • don'tfearthecreeper

            You ruined it

          • ...

            Jo Lajoie Combo breaker. You sir are NOT awesome.

    • Joey

      Shes a sweetie, we laugh and have sex all the time.

      • loser

        Then tu cry cause it was all in your head

  • chicago joe

    #9 for the love all sexiness find her.

    • Nobody

      As sexy as she is, it's Photo shopped. Check the gap.

    • Johhny

      Find that fake ass attached to her

      • Joe

        looks like Tori black

  • Gottabedashoes

    #34 is how to take a selfie! More of those, please (and less of ones in the bathroom with all their sh*t all over the sink)

    • biff

      I heard that! Clean the toothpaste off the mirror while you're at it.

    • Kyle429

      @Violaceousgirl on Twitter. Plenty more epic pics where that came from.

    • A chivette

      You chivers are getting very demanding!

  • Drew

    Doo-sha dee-shka Solo. Ho ho ho ho

    • Han Solo

      Even I get boarded sometimes. You think I had a choice?

    • kevin

      Bring me the wookie. *enter cantina band

    • hah

      Lol nice

  • Alumni72

    #42 – Birdemic?

    • MonkeyMadness

      Shock and Terror!

      • missilewatch

        They've struck again!

    • SKAARM

      ashphalt plant caught on fire in oshawa ontario… i was right there when they took that pic lol

  • dirtysanchez

    #49 i just recognized your bedroom! You have had multiple pics make it this week.

    • flowerpower

      #49 looks like a dudes butt

      • Butt Defender Man

        And you would know what a dude's naked butt looks like, how exactly? Nevermind, we don't want to know. Anyhow, you're beyond mistaken. Maybe you should check out more chicks butts for a change.

        • Nyles

          Because porn

        • jkay

          Tis possible flower is a dude and has see his own butt

        • Jon

          What's up with thechive and member's homophobic remarks? So what if he did check out dudes' butts. You guys seem to care about this too much.

      • You Know Im Right
        • You Know Im Right

          My bad, didnt mean to link to photos in this post.

  • Anonymous


    • @JJrrake

      You giveee loveee a bad name

    • Chad Kroeger

      Fuck Bon Jovi

      • Yuppp

        You are just wrong. That's all there is to it.

        • Jobba

          He sucks

  • Sirwally

    #49 I would so beat that hump up

  • Baxpin

    #25 Predator nods in approval

    • Ponderous

      these camo patterns are so tailored to one environment that if anything around you is a little off you stick out like a sore thumb.

      • Idk

        That's the case with any camo. If you're not in the right environment the camo won't work.

      • Prick

        Obviously your not a bowler.

  • Thunderhawk

    #41 "Hooray, beer!"

  • Big Dave

    #55 She's been featured several times, never seen a name attached. Absolutely stunning.

    • Gerry

      Mandy Stallford

      • ron

        nu uhh, its veronica corningstone and were in love. and, might i say shes quite a handful in the bedroom.

    • Mark

      Ice Box from Little Giants??

    • CineRam

      Forget the name, how about some different pics? Not like any of us have a shot anyway. Were all just a bunch of ominous silhouettes, she'll never go for dudes without faces.

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