Best photos of the week (68 Photos)

  • CDNchiver

    We need the "Wet is the new black" post back Chive.

  • Hunter

    CAN"T WAIT for Breaking bad #50

    • LeO

      Fuck yea! One of my favorite shows.
      Jesse Pinkman..

  • mike

    #13 when was this taken? I seriously think that's my grandpa in the pic!

  • Mtabone23

    #68 for the win… #hooraybeer

  • Kevin

    #24 FTW!

  • Nary

    #44 is at the not-ironically-named Goats On The Roof in Coombs, BC. Very cool place to hang out!_

  • Travis

    #16 Well, this game sucks.

  • Short round

    Did # 49 put cover up on her bum?

  • caroline

    someone please tell me what is so great about #13

    • tralfaz

      David Letterman does not approve.

    • truth

      pretty weak, not worthy of best pics

  • Kansas

    #29 who?

  • SN Fernandes

    can we please get push notifications for new post on the iphone app please chive!
    -a loyal navy chiver

  • patrick907

    Chive meet up unofficial in Austin TX e mail me at for details

  • Chilbo B.

    #50 Is that Jesse from Breaking Bad?

    • LeO

      Yup. Fucking show kicks ass

    • kidding

      is that honey boo-boo?

  • Kevin

    #47, like be overweight and wear polo shirts with what looks to be a tuxedo.

  • Dean Hodes

    Please find #24, so I might leave my wife and kids for her. Thank you.

  • Matticus

    #59 "Our children will be both smart and beautiful"

    • LeO

      Who is this girl? She gets my attention really bad. Must know more info

      • Not An Olivia Fan

        #59 I believe that's Olivia Munn.

  • Adam

    Old guy is staring at the dumbass kid with a WTF look on his face. Judgement for the little doucher.

  • Kidrota

    Who is #4 my goodness she is stunning.

    • Warblade

      Pornstar Riley Steele

  • Dalmer

    #47. LIKE

  • observer

    is that a tampon string on the left in pic 66?

  • AndySaximus

    #29 Good god MORE!!

  • butthat

    mr white would not approve

  • Thomas H.
  • Andrea

    Where is number 60 taken. I must go there !

  • FatMarc

    #29 i'm sure i could settle for that!!

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