Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (42 Photos)

  • TheAssMan

    #8 what a way to end the week! KCCO and ass on!!

  • Darrell



    There goes her tip.

    • Jamie

      Dude RELAX!! She's a fucking maid doing something nice. Just because you can point out someone's. lack of grammar skills only means your (you're) a dick !!

      • Spelling Police

        ^^Yeah, that's usually the reaction by people who can't spell.

        • Shitsandwich

          You's shud post the black eye you gots/ show people's the reaction you gots by correctin gramma in tha public;

          • Beast mode

            Let me guess? Public school until at least 10th grade ? How many times do you have to say " you want to super size that" before you snap ?? Well played Sir! if your (you're) goofing

        • SEA253

          Let me guess, your( you're ) a middle school teacher who is grading papers right now with a half empty bottle of scotch, dreading the moment you have to walk in on Monday to that pathetic 8 hrs you call a job ?? Am I right ??

      • Bob_25

        I Agree 100%% Fuck them. Had a maid do that for us in Vegas once. Great customer service ! Leave a healthy tip and shit like that happens.

  • Zack

    #14 jesus…

  • BigPapaPump

    #40. This is why 69 scares me.

    • Truth teller

      You made me look like a damn fool Chive!!!

      • open minded

        I got caught by a coworker leaning over so I can be scared by this picture…double whammy!!

    • SuperGeniusCommenter

      eyes are shopped on on upside down. BAM there it is.

    • Amber

      That shits creepy as fuck…

  • linkx

    #23 hot girl with beer and video games, must be a dream

  • MattKL

    #14 Bill's looking, and who the hell could blame him?

  • Chea

    #14. Airing out the sheets…?

  • FunKiller

    There is all sorts of greatness going on in #10

  • MMZ


  • Thud

    Now that is a work of art that I can get behind

    • Bubba

      There should be a fourth pic.

  • bob_the_cook

    Can I get a #5 with a redhead and a side of side-boob delivered?


    #39 Preach it U.S. Bank

  • http://ordie2civi.wordpress.com Rob_Just_Rob

    #13 Funny, that's where I used to keep my spare women too.

  • Cincy Chiver

    Great way to end the week!

  • Whoopi_G

    #23 I'll punch a penguin in the face if you'll marry me.

  • StarboardEngine

    You first!
    Me first!

  • orangewhip


  • Gtv

    I wonder if the chive looked in to cut & sew copyright infringement…

  • sfb101

    I'll take #2 with #19 & #8 here #3

  • DanTheMan

    #23 i would like a taste of both!

  • Josh

    40 WTF that's creepy, Can only imagine how many people are turning their laptop upside down.

  • Chaz

    #22 Bells!

  • Stunned


    Let me do a head stand on my desk so I can see what they are talki… wait…. wait…. MOTHER OF GOD!! NOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Biscuit



  • Jamie

    #10 That Toe !!

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