Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • BrandieBear

    oh gunna be that guy

    • halfsmoke00

      I'm taking your spot on the 1st page since you wasted your comment.

      #23 She shouldn't play with her food.

      • thebeefinjector

        lmfao your comment was awesome

        • BrandieBear

          Haha I'm glad someone enjoyed my humor on that one!

  • El Guapo


    • The Bandit

      I'm Ron Burgundy?

    • Shawny

      No and you no handsome. So you better be ficking handy

  • The Bandit

    #22…quick! We need the pic taken from the other building!

    • Andy Valentine

      Unless they both just shit on the window in some dirty protest to a cause we don't yet understand.

      What then, Internet? What then?

      • Bubba

        Again: quick! We need the pic taken from the other building!

  • LeO

    Aaron Paul you rock!
    Teaching me the ways of meth:)

    • prison_mike

      YO i got a 55-gallon drum of methylamine freshly jacked from a warehouse if anyone needs HMU

  • Texas

    #22 Oh mylanta you are my woman… Either one, I'm not picky.

    • Stevedave

      You want the blonde or the brunette???

      Great, 'cause I'll take anything!

  • thebigbangdito


    oh how i would love to be in the other building

    • kilo86

      I would love to be in the same building as the girls. You can have the other building.

      • Truthteller

        I would love to be in the same room as the girls. You can have the same building.

  • kokuryuha

    #11 #35 I approve of the duplication of this image…

    • hmm


      • kokuryuha

        weird, on my screen it showed #11 in both spots before… they must've fixed it. I guess I just approve of #11 now… oh wait.. I approve of #22 as well…

        • prison_mike


    • OmahaDude

      Definitely one of my favorite pics of Emma…


    I'm gonna be on 6th St. in Austin this weekend. I'll be wearing my KCCO shirt!!!

    • John

      That's sad for so many reasons

  • B Dub

    #8 The making of Honey Boo Boo…..

  • benny b



    Me, out loud, after reading the caption.

    • Iggy pop

      Science is always cool.

    • RocksOff

      Someone help me remember my biology, is that called a cytoblast?

      • RocksOff

        I remember now, it's an osteoblast. Been a long time. But Fuck you very much for thumbing me down without providing an answer.

        • JenPen

          Haha, that was the first thing to make me laugh all day!!

    • testudo321

      Looks like some sort of Cthulhu invasion…..

  • navydudenamedjoe

    #8 candy ciggerettes and fun dip?

  • Rupert Pupkin

    #28 For that matter, you also found Harry and Lloyd too. Good job.

    • Jimmy

      Aaron Rodgers is one helluva QB.

      • Anonymous

        the man has talent. more than i could ever wish to have…. but he's a packer so that makes him not ok in my book.

        • https://www.facebook.com/michael.m.kappel.5 Mike

          Don't be hatin yo! GO PACK GO

          • OmahaDude

            FUCK the Packers, Go Bears!

    • G'wan bi

      He's talented yep. He also seems like a peckerhead.

    • Don

      Do you think A-Rodg owns or rents that suit?

    • rubenheimer

      you missed the point buddy. Rodgers is on the right!

  • thebigbangdito


    Looks like ted picked up another job as "director"

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    #15 Can't stop laughing

    • Silverstone

      What morons! I'll stick with my golf umbrella, thank you very much!

    • LeftFlasherOn

      I guffawed.

    • chivester

      goes well with the urban sombraro

      • Dave

        I really want a fuckin poncho now. In blue

  • General80

    absolutely don't mind seeing #11 and #35 twice
    is that emma stone btw?

    • hello

      Emma stone Hell yea!
      A badass kid playing with breakfast!

      • kokuryuha

        Yea… it was duplicated before… I got tricked too! They had to go and "fix" it…

  • yah


  • MonkeyMadness

    #8 Why no officer, we never saw it coming. Who knew he had issues?

  • MonkeyMadness

    #19 Just think how that tattoo is going to look when you're ol…. nevermind.

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      Goddammit, I wanted to make that joke.

    • DongJuan

      JimBob @ Dreams in Ink Tattoo, MV Ca. Tattooing grandma since 1995.

  • yah


  • mikeisfilthy

    The daily morning awesomeness is up and im still awake. i need to go to sleep.

    • Davis

      2 days for me. ahhhhhhhh, meth.

  • Jason

    #28 I only started watching the NFL two years ago. Everyone always asks me who my team is. I've never been able to give them a straight answer. I can now.

    • yah

      Yes you can… The Philadelphia Eagles


      E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

      • Jesus Christ

        Hey remember the last time the Eagles won a Super Bowl? Go Stillers.

      • Turd F.

        Oh…you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

        GO BEARS.

    • <MARKLAR>

      Just don't be a Steelers, Cowboys, Patriots, or Raiders fan. We don't need any more of those douche bags whoopin' it up.

    • alex

      Welcome to Cheesehead Nation Jason.

  • Eric

    Who made the comic for #31?

    • User1

      Not sure, but they may have to start deactivating screen names after people die and putting them back into the wild or someone is going to find themselves chatting to 'Sexy-Pants123fm&kln3q3ol$g3qnon!' someday.

  • SnakemanDan85

    #7 jackasses!!

  • jshiver15


    Dayuuumn biology.

  • Dude#1

    #11 This is my favorite picture of Emma, does anyone have it in Hi-res?

    • Davis

      Right click the image. Copy URL. Go to google and select Images. Click the camera icon and paste the URL. A 1600×900 pic awaits you, including bare legs. You're welcome.

      • lawnguyland

        In that image her foot has a chunk cut out of it. I guess this image is shopped?

        • william

          yeah, I saw that. Not sure why you were thumbed down for this

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