Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • southbaykid

    #3 MERICA!!!!!!

  • Number5

    Who is #27?

    • whaaaat

      Captain America obviously.

      • crazydog

        hah, laughed hard for that one

      • grego

        more like a motor boating son of a bitch

  • will



  • awhite2020

    #4 You are ridiculously cute! The one on the left that is.

  • Barfing Rainbows

    #26 enough with kids already. I'm sure they enjoy the Gaps and the POVs as much as the rest of us. But what's next? Burn your diaper? I know we are all getting older and what not, however we don't need to be reminded of it, nor do we need to see it.

    • get over it

      I think you mean #18 but I agree with you…kids are only entertaining to their parents


    # 30 upcoming scene from MTV's BUCKWILD.
    #11 Emma is HOTT 👍

  • utila raised

    Hi chivers, just got friendzoned bad. Odd that guys see relationships with friends and women do not. Kinda the basis of a healthy relationship. Too many theories wrapping around my mind right now but oh well. Happy Friday all and kcco.

    • Derpin

      Send in your mancard please. For so many reasons.

  • Chris

    #21 looks even better in person, guys. I'm never impressed by anything and that place is awesome.

    • Jesus Christ

      That's really f-ing cool.

      • Chris

        ^ Holy hell. Bob Ross is Jesus?!

  • alan

    #18 lesson learned

  • boob_cuddler

    #8 taken 3?

  • Colin

    #14 Hurray Beer!

  • jugger-nuggss

    What happened to that one really cute Chivette with great rack that was always featured a coupke weeks ago? People were complaining that she was always in the same pose in her bathroom for some reason. She was nice. COME BACK TO US UNKNOWN CHIVETTE

  • NebraskaGuy

    #31 20-30 years? How about NOW?

    • Frank

      In 20-30 years the kid will be a ward of the state, and will just pick the number he he's told to. At the rate people today are handing over their rights, it might not even take that long.

  • Ting'm

    #21 … wrong, the Bahamas is entirely in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea is further south …

    • Jesus Christ

      Look at Mr. Oceanographer over here dropping knowledge. Doesn't matter where it is, it's still really cool.

    • Aaa

      As long as it ACTUALLY exists….Not like I have the money to visit anyways

  • martiniman425

    todays dma is some hot ass trash. you all at the chive need to kill yourselves for posting or allowing this shit to be posted.

    • DickFister

      How 'bout you get the party started by killing yourself first?

      • martiniman425

        how about you go fuck your mother you chivin ass faggot bitch

  • TheYesMan25

    #29 lucky ass bear

  • raylicious36

    #14 HOORAY BEER!

  • Jesus Christ

    #24 Man Card +1

  • Rodrigo

    #8 Spoiler alert !!!!!!!

  • BenNotKenobi

    #16 Fatality!

    • Skrewed


      • BenNotKenobi

        Yup, Friendzone…same thing!!

  • santauz

    # 22 now ı hate myself, yesterday curtain was off…

  • Gavin

    #17 Need it

  • CasechaseSrvr

    Sweet baby Jesus laying the manger. Please tell there are MOAR of these pics! #22

    • shredlikeasir

      I think this is part of a series done by two playboy models called "two girls and a bikini" whereby they post a new photo everyday of themselves in a new bikini. Can't find the link right now, still looking

  • Chivette

    #8 gotta love Aaron Paul
    #10 instant heart attack

  • http://pepito115.wordpress.com pepito115

    #15 Laughed far too hard at this. Sweet baby Jesus!

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