• CD3

    this…is just dumb

    • disappointed dad

      Mac needs to go back to doing what he does best…creeping out women and masturbating to cat picts

    • davethecat

      probably because you obviously don't lift

    • Jony

      That's not even a prank it's just a new way of getting your ass kicked.

  • Holla

    Boobs, everywhere

  • IrishInNJ

    Ugghhhhh say what now? Was this supposed to be funny? Interesting? Annoying?

    It scored a 1 out of 3.

  • Baller

    Anybody in AC NJ for the evening?

    • Njchiver

      Live in OC what's the word?

      • Njchiver

        Sorry didn't see your female only thing. Thought you were trying to get a meet up going

        • Jay

          For all you know, he could be a rapist…

        • Baller

          Lol I'll be at harrahs and since the chick thing doesn't look like its working out I'll be at bare exposure from about 1am-5am

          • Baller

            Unless, you know, I can somehow pick up a chick at the tables which doesn't seem to ever happen bc hot chicks don't gamble.

    • mid13

      nahh, live 45 mins from there tho. =/

      • Baller

        Well guess what hunny you're on the guest list so start headed over but be careful on the snowy roads. There will, however be very much snow in the room if you catch my drug-reference drift.

        • Baller

          Also, "wear something tight".

          -The Jewish kid from Project X

  • darren


  • David

    Just stupid. This is not Chive worthy.

    • whale huntr

      It is chive worthy, they need advertising money, every post can't be a winner. WE Have lost this, i'm sure, forever. we must now hope the good posts will out number the bad ones, keep praying chivettes keep submitting! Go chivettes go!

  • yoo00

    wow… how did he not get hurt? Let's see part 2 filed in NY!!

  • Baller

    People with boobs only need reply.

  • Anotherwes


  • bigyawns

    This is amazing!

  • 03_SE_XTERRA

    terrible…waste of time

  • Weezyist

    I just wish one of those guys woulda broken his nose after the first comment.

  • _DoC_

    I couldn't watch past the first clip. Someone watch it and let me know if the dude gets knocked the fk out like he needs to in order to make worth watching.

    • StevieB

      Disappointingly, no.

    • WangBalls

      Watch his channel on YouTube. The guy is funny as hell and has balls of steel.

  • Bud

    I really wanted him to get punched in the face. Especially at the end. "Ohhhhhh I was on camera? So it's cool that you're a fucking douchebag? BAM!"

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Mac, do you secretly work for the Berry?

  • James

    I was so hoping that he was gonna get punched in the face.

  • nola

    that was so dumb and not funny. I cannot believe I watched that whole thing. I thought for sure someone was going to deck him and it never happened. what a waste of time.

  • Sean

    Worst. Post. Ever.

  • Huell

    I laughed.. Course I am high as balls.

    • I don't lift. AT ALL

      all these people are so sensitive about lifting its great

    • I don't lift. AT ALL

      its an end of the world prank he did lol

  • Burn baby!

    Next on "I'm a douche bag with a camera": Dude get's laid out asking if MMA fighters even fight.

  • Dropkickhanley

    Hilarious! Nice Chive……but Huell's comment was even better

  • Turd Furguson

    Idiot on the internet… cant say I'm that surprised by this. He should do this in an area where he is much more likely to get punched, then I might be able to enjoy it.

  • MistaDabolina

    this is the equivalent of awkwardness and stupidity as when a guy tries to holler at a girl after theyve walked past them with some sort of lewd comment that just makes them look like a creepy pussy

  • http://www.east-london-pcrepair.co.uk Phil

    Why are they not showing how many dudes and girls punched this guy?

  • Hawker

    "Do You Even"….know any good pranks?

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