• Jill

    If he doesn't get straight knocked out this is just pointless. I assume they cut the parts where he get's full on dropped.

  • http://twitter.com/kars0091 @kars0091

    HAHAHAHAH i went to this school and transferred after one semester…. seriously all tools there

  • Terrible.

    Is chive lowering their standards? This was horrible.

  • roidrage

    yanks get mad in yall hurry, eres me neuroin mericans jus ignored errythin wailt wurt

  • Keven

    Do you even know comedy?

  • Coldzilla

    yeah old after the second one

    now if had gotten leveled THEN you woulda had a video

  • Alex

    Well, just lost almost 5 minutes watching this…

  • Collin

    I think the point is to call some people out on their vanities. All of the people replied to his rudeness with aggression; if they had felt secure in themselves theyd have laughed him off and called him a silly troll.

    Instead they rose to the bait.

    This video was halfway stupid, but if you trust the filmmaker a little it might say some things about these peoples' mindsets.

    • Derek

      That was my take on it. I was also surprised that the last guy, who I would have guessed to be the most "shore" out of all the prankees, turned out to be the most reasonable of the bunch. The puffy chest, "say that one more time bro" (ad nauseam), guys were hilarious though. Fucking peacocks.

  • Toester

    Why the negative comments? Hilarious prank on meatheads.

  • Crazy_Jake

    I hear the guys funeral is Wednesday…

  • J.C. Disco

    Half of me wants to buy this guy a beer for pranking douchebags, and the other half wants to commit a series of murders on his family.

  • J.C. Disco

    This is kind of funny in an "Andy Kaufman" way, if Andy Kaufman was dying of AIDS while crying and being beheaded by Al Queda.

    • That guy

      Bravo sir… Bravo *slow clap*

  • d-train

    Wow the low self esteem shown in the video and in the comments, so funny

  • STB 25

    Not funny, come on Chive you can do so much better!

  • lame

    wow chive, you just lost alot of coolness for posting that

  • Crazy Karol

    Dear idiots… you obviously dont get the joke, "do you even lift?" is a classic way to piss people off on the internet who are douchebags… if this made you angry, you can see why people say it, and therefore are a douchebag. great post Mac.

  • Smile

    Why is everyone so high strung here? Wishing he got punched in the face? Grow a sense of humor! I'm guessing they only showed the people who got upset. I bet if he came across a chiver, they would've found the funny side.

  • beam

    This video was pretty funny. This first guy cracked me up.

  • CalmTheFDown

    I blame UFC for all the muscled up aggression. To all those quick-to-anger dumbasses: chill the fuck out.

  • Canucks_Rule

    this dude is the same guy who faked being high on bath salts and almost got shot. idiot.

  • BAM

    Not Chiveworthy. Just a Douchetard with a camera.

  • Jake

    This video goes against everything thechive is supposed to be about.

  • Chris Schultz

    This is not the chive I love

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