Walk with me to a time way back when (35 Photos)

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #13 I didnt know Tommy Wiseau was a lawyer… oh wait

    • Livin' Legend

      That's quite a story Rusty.

    • Turd F.

      I didn't not defend her, it is bullshit, I did nahhhht.

  • Ish287

    Good morning chive

  • The Bandit

    #7…that was a great game!
    #28…Subzero, now plain zero!

    • jugger-nuggss

      What game was that? Its driving me insane

      • Great Game


    • http://ju1io.tumblr.com/ julio

      That Arnorld photo is from my tumblr !!!! ju1io.tumblr.com

  • fish

    #28 I am the Sheriff…whoops, that's 30 years, a Governorship and a Kennedy or two later…

  • MonkeyMadness

    #33 I've had some pretty weird dreams listening to the menu music in my sleep.

    • Dydy

      Worst when you fall asleep watching a Marathon of Suite Life DVD's with your kid and wake up wanting to bitchslap your dreams for where it took you and made you see. This is why Disney won't be on in my house while I'm present anymore.

  • kokuryuha

    nostalgia….overload… must… resist … urge… to dig…through childhood….boxes….

  • Derv

    #11 – Is always my Movember inspiration.

    • DDD

      Mustache Hall of Fame

  • Samsonite

    Boxcar Children!

  • Andy Valentine

    #7 Populous tactics
    1. Get kníght
    2. Win game

    • Ned Flander

      I used to just pull the land out from under the enemy units to kill them in the water.

  • Pshhh

    All I see is creativity in these galleries. All kids have now is a phone. Fucking sad!

    • CLee

      Yup. Nothing creative about Minecraft, or building levels in Portal2, or kids making their own Apps. Yes, all creativity has been zapped!….or….you're a grumpy, old man who longingly pines for his childhood, because you grew up too fast. F'ing sad!

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  • prison_mike

    Fuck Andy Murray and fuck the Brits!

    Federer FTW!

    • Derv

      Um, that's not very friendly is it?

    • P90

      Wow the douche is strong with this one.

  • Tony

    #17 had one as well as other things here but, miss this thing the most.

  • 6hough4

    what the hell is november 12th, 1955? Try November 5th, 1955

    • Mito

      He was sent back on November 5, 1955, but lightning struck the clocktower on November 12, 1955.

    • Kyle

      Now make like a tree and get outta here.

  • Gallus

    "… way back when." Way back when? Way back when! Reallt? Try the 1950's.

    #11 – Yeah, he was good in those days. But he has turned out to be one of America's great western stars. And, as Jesse Stone, he has paved new territory for cop shows. I do not give a sh1t what any critic says, I think this guy is great.

  • George Zip

    #33 bullshit – I can remember waking up to the color bar test pattern and a high-pitch tone a number of times.

    • Jason

      yeah, if you fell asleep, the tape would rewind and eject itself and the player would turn off. Then you'd wake
      up to the static snow noise.

      • SMD

        Which was the equivalent to waking up inside the movie Poltergeist. I'll take the menus over that shit every single time.

  • TheBAMFinater

    #13 rip funny man.

  • Ftw

    #14 #21

  • tralfaz

    #10 I spent a lot of hours in those tunnels.

  • Davis

    Love Jesse Stone. I hope he continues with the series.

  • Kevin

    #31. w Maliki from children of the corn???

    • Merlin

      River Phoenix from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

      • a-nom

        Fucking drugs…steal too many good actors too damn soon.

        • credible hulk

          How do stars die?

          • 6655321

            Black holes, supernovas, etc.

  • Stick

    End of the tape: 'SNAP!'
    Sounds of rewinding, then another 'SNAPS!' as it get to the end of the tape.
    Sounds of kerchunking as it ejects, then the test pattern's 'WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!'
    And these were the old top-loaders built like fucking tanks.

    Still was it not for video quality, I'd definitely prefer VHS over DVD.

    • inkstained

      Ugh I can hear those sounds in my head as I type . . .

  • CD3

    #25 Bought so much shit idk where any of it is now

    • Tex

      saw one near a school i was working near the other day, i should've stopped

    • chucklesclown

      I mostly bought posters and pencils with crazy erasers (that didn't work properly) at book sales.

    • cweed

      i loved when we had book fairs. always tried to get something with a toy.

    • JasperOreo

      I still have the grape scented marker I got from one in 3rd grade, No idea what happened to the strawberry though.

  • Chuk

    #19 haha no joke got one for Xmas this year!

    • Jesus Christ

      They keep these on the tables at The Cracker Barrel.

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      But can you leave 8 pieces on the board with no moves available ("genius level")?

  • NebraskaGuy

    #33 You guys are all too young – I remember stations signing off with the National Anthem and then … SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! No test pattern, just loss of signal.

    • Guest

      You're not the only one, NG. Also remember having to use the rotor to move the antenna to get a different station (one of 4 we got) AND changing vacuum tubes in a black and white console Zenith so my brother and I could play pong.

      Ah, those were the days. 🙂

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