You can find beauty in the strangest places (37 Photos)

  • Jim

    #9…your facing the wrong way!!

    • Jim

      'You're'…whew, corrected! Lol

      • Andy Valentine


    • Spelling Police

      Stay in school, Jim.

      • Mr. Mackey

        drugs are bad mkay

    • gbw

      Parc del Guinardó Barcelona!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #29 It's a real dog and pony show

    • RealZoo

      Well played sir.

  • Rob

    #2 I never get tired of seeing these kinds of photos. Welcome home, brother.

    • Callum

      Absolutely man. Top Stuff and always warms the heart!

    • echogeo

      And THANK YOU!

    • Spelling Police

      Denver International Airport, FTW!

      • Billy

        Fuck that place.

    • wa-ambulance

      made me cry

    • Abejundio Jorge

      This is what Zingers! will do to you

  • MonkeyMadness

    #32 This dog is awesome.

    • Jimbo

      I thought it was going to punch him in the face.

    • echogeo

      There are people in this world that will never have the sense that this dog has. Sad, but true.


      The feels, I has them.

    • TexasChivette

      This made me cry at my desk at work

      • Prometheus

        Right there with you.
        And I'm a dude.

  • The Bandit

    #32 #29…dogs are awesome!

  • AnItalianChiver

    #36 Lion Travolta. Savannah Grease. 1978

  • Andy Valentine

    #4 – Just stand there and photograph me whilst I'm completely badass

    • JAFitC

      Just hold the pose. I've got to adjust the camera.

  • Andy Valentine

    #6 – Check out that fucking dolphin.

    (thank you Chive facts from 24 hours ago)

    • Lemon fuc.king Chive that's an orca who is STUCK IN THE ICE

      Just like #1 is a polar bear swimming through her melted ice to find food…

      Christ get your shit together- it's supposed to be a post about beauty not tragedy

      • Jesus Christ

        I have my shit together thank you very much.

        • aaa

          Ah love it hahaha

      • JMizzleYYC

        I was thinking the same thing. #6 is just sad, because credible scientists are pretty certain that this pod of orcas ended up dying under the ice in an attempt to get to open water.

      • Waldo

        The whales were freed when the ice pack shifted.

      • Waldo

        Those orca were freed when the ice pack shifted.

        • CanuckKid

          The orcas were freed from that hole, but they needed to escape to the Atlantic Ocean, which was 100's km North. The route they needed to take would have been hampered by much thicker ice and less breathing holes. If they did die, at least they did it without the world watching.

    • JAFitC

      Get a life. In #6, the people are gathered out of concern for the orca. Did you read the heartwarming article to which the URL you cited refers? Concern = beauty, action on behalf of orcas = beauty, orcas = beauty, composition of photo = beauty.

      In #1, the polar bear is carrying his/her cub across a placid bay for an indeterminate reason. Nothing in the photo indicates the bear or his/her cub is in distress or in a tragic circumstance. To the contrary, zooming in on the photo reveals the cub is well-nourished. The background of icy hummocks indicates that the ambient temperature is within the norm approriate for polar bears. Parental concern for cub = beauty, cub's trust in parent = beauty, composition of photo = beauty.

      You're free to cling to doom and gloom, but to deny the existence of beauty when it gobsmacks you is a dystopian world view of eternal sadness I'd not wish upon my worst enemy.

      • Andy Valentine
      • RobP

        Apathy=ignorance= naivety=illusion= you're a condescending douche

      • RobP

        Your facts are wrong as well as your perspective on this photograph. Not to sound arrogant but I am a professor/researcher in this field and these bears are indeed in dire straights.

        • Nuffsaid

          Well you attempted to not sound arrogant…. But u failed! The fact that you comment first in a pathetic attempt to get a cheap laugh then go " ahh ahem… I'm a scientist! And you're wrong!" Destroys what little credibility you may have as a random poster on the chive can get. Maybe use that fancy book learning you've done in the past and try a more intellectual comment first. Leave the doucher comments to the less educated like me 😉 mr. Robp douche nozzle.

          • Lemmy

            YOUSIR are the douche nozzle…

          • Johnn

            Self-proclaimed ignoramus is trying to belittle an educated person… Must be an American

            • ShutYourDumbFace

              ….so, you are assuming RobP is an actual professor/educated person just because he says he is; on the internet, nonetheless. Even so, that doesn't disqualify the other responders from their opinions/educated responses. Quit being a self-proclaimed ingoramus & bigot for judging people for anything you disagree with. Also, please don't come to America.

        • a-nom

          Pretty sure you're wrong…bam, easy research…

          • hey_cw

            Orca's are the assholes of the ocean. Grade A assholes

            • Daddyjax

              Just because you can teach them to do tricks doesnt change the fact they kill and torture for fun.

        • come correct

          You are a professor/researcher in said field?

          I call bullshit. You wouldn't refer to yourself as such.

  • fact

    How many hit songs does Taylor Swift have? Enough to spell s-l-u-t.

  • matt

    who needs a cat when youve got mans best friend

  • A2_tha_MFK

    #31 SHARK BATE!!!!

    • A2_tha_MFK

      Dam Bait!

      • Spelling Police


        • Ryan

          hahaha, I was waiting for someone to do that

          • NotRodneyDangerfield

            A real master baiter…

  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 incredible

  • A2_tha_MFK

    #3 Oh how the light reflects of the polluted, oil slick water!

    • mike

      was thinking the same thing

      • Just sayin'

        Rest assured; This appears to be a cypress swamp, where the breakdown of organic matter will typically leave an oily sheen on the water surface.

        • JESSE

          Not to mention oil seepage occurs naturally all over the world so they can calm the fudge down

    • Spelling Police


  • A2_tha_MFK

    #23 Humans, humans, humans, when will you learn??

    • Nuffsaid

      Seriously… And not to single out anyone but it seems we wh|te folks seem to love to get right into the faces of animals that have the ability to nom us in one go more than the rest of the world. (I know killer whales don't but still! Wtf!) guess we lack some basic instinct.

      • DayLateDollarShort

        "guess we lack some basic instinct." – Yeah, it's called no fear. Those who don't understand it may think of it as "no sense", but whatever. No risk, no reward… Reminds me of Chris Rock talking about knowing the race of a criminal just by whether it was something stupid or something crazy…

  • Bane

    #32 do you feel in charge?

  • Arod529

    #20 WTF… their weapons arn't loaded…

    • HatBomb

      The situation appears to be well under control even in the absence of live ammunition. The flower comes in peace.

      • Hugh....

        I thought he was talking about their dicks 😐

        • JAFirC

          They may not be loaded, but their cocked.

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    "I can see the f**king colours moving….I am so f**king high…."

  • greg

    If #36 is anything like my cat, that butterfly suffered a swift death right after this photo was taken

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #8 Richmond Park, London?

  • Nbree

    #20 Sometimes it really is the simplest things that make you smile.

  • Mojomatrix

    Thank you Chive ! I really, really needed some light…

  • peddlinmommy

    #21 that's where the fairies bury their dead. Sacrilege! Lol

  • Fernando

    #1 😀 awesome

    • Lemon

      Actually this picture is sad and just plain tragic. Polar bears no longer have their ice to get around on so the mothers must swim for days, often giving up from exhaustion and drowning. Sorry to burst your bubble, I know it seems like a cool pic but the arctic is changing too fast for these poor animals to adapt, therefore they're unable to find food. Polar bears are the first ones to feel the effects of climate change…

      • mother earth

        there are more polar bears now than there were 10 years ago and polar bears can swim up to 400 miles! The Ice cap in the north has been growing! Get your facts straight.

        • RobP

          What are you TALKING ABOUT???? I think YOU'RE the one who needs to get their facts straight– The ice cap is melting rapidly– trust me I LIVE THERE.

          Unless you've seen it with your own eyes keep your mouth shut.

          • ShutYourDumbFace

            WOW! You must be a really smart guy who knows stuff? What exactly are your credentials?

          • Robpen15

            I live there? Isn't it I live here??

      • EatABearToday

        Yea, it is tragic – that we can't have Polar Bear burgers to go with our Klondike bars!

  • Blastoff

    # 27 looks like a giant penis just sayin

    • morebeer

      Kind of weird penis you got?

  • whoami

    #21 cue x files intro song

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