Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (30 Photos)

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    […] The Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere. […]

  • Hank Hill

    All gorgeous.

  • turn around

    I watched #21 for a long time hoping it was a GIF and she would turn around. No need to waste your time she doesn't.

  • Irishfan#5

    All are beautiful, but #2, #15 and #23 look like REAL likeable girls. Just my thought.

  • Dbar

    #14 like that hasnt been ridden hard

  • Kurre83

    #14 Yes please! She can do lasso tricks with me anytime!!!

  • wes

    #22 #24 ….. And BOOM goes the dynamite!!

  • Dizzy B


  • tom g

    #10 girls in overalls are fantastic!

    and #30 wins with that smile.

  • Rider

    #14 looks like a Rider Cheerleader! Can anyone confirm?

  • neon

    #23 smile yet elegant…


    Why don't you say "white girls" god damn it. I've been subscribing to Chives for a few years now, and you guys are promoting and perpetuating racism, period. Asians and African Americans and other races should not be separated and singled out as you constantly do, with few exceptions. You guys are to young to be so fucking ignorant.

  • Coldzilla

    #16 2 points for originality

  • Ssss

    All ugly

  • Candlejack

    Well played #16.

  • Matt

    #14 we need a cowgirl post!

  • Guest

    #24 and #26 who are they??

  • waltgator

    awesome set of pics!

  • Bonzo… seriously is no one gonna say anything about this angel

  • @dawg065

    #25 warm kitty soft kitty…. moar pleeeeease

  • jmonster

    #24 #28 hot LEGS! Find them both!

  • Bob

    #16…Winner!! Trophy awarded for cleverness, and additional points awarded for hotness, despite the fact that she has no head.

  • patdepoule

    i date #25 …. 😉 she's a good friend of mine ! im lucky level 99999999

  • Fox
  • Dan

    #5 is absolutely gorgeous, MOAR of the beautiful lady, find her!

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