There are still horse masks among us (34 Photos)

  • Guest

    #10 I still would

    • Huntdog

      Agreed, love tank tops

      • Bob Épine

        Especially on Jennifer Lawrence.

        • epic ass is epic

          SJP Would prefer SJU

  • dan

    8==========D– ——

    • Not Dan

      Don't be a horses ass….

  • Chcukles

    Chuckles is the best zombie slayer hahahaha suck it azn ntn

  • Andreas

    I hate these horsemasks. Die already…

  • Horse Head Mafia

    The Horse Head Mafia is coming!

  • YEMX

    #34 A horse mask within a horse mask, Inception2?

    • Sociobro

      It never stops… IT. NEVER. STOPS

  • Carl

    #10 I'd like to smack her with my horse cock

  • mmsavior4


    I'd ride these horses any day.

    • bane

      I'M so hungary I could EAT a horse.

      • drifter

        Being a country makes you hungry?

        • tatt2iwHCH

          Nah I think tjey eat horse in hungary

  • Kevrhutch

    With,or without the mask I'd still do her!

  • AnItalianChiver

    #2 the horse is not impressed

  • lasagna

    Enough of these stupid ass masks. It's not funny or interesting.

    It's a bunch of retards wearing horse masks, leave it to the fetish sites Chive.

    • stop it Ron

      this is a fetish site

  • giddyup

    Man what is up with all the Jessica Parker photos?

  • OhioChiver

    #11 That would seriously make you question opening the door, let alone what world we live in. ^_^

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 #20 #31 – when the heck did this fad start? lol.

  • jimctu

    #19 is the hottest horse I've ever seen!<img src="; width="1"/>

  • AlbertaChivette

    a horse mask is always appropriate.

    • Alberta Dirty

      Come here often?

  • Jesse

    #33 Needs to be a poster IMMEDIATELY!

  • JAFirC

    #21. First one horsepower tractor I've seen

  • dr313

    oh the life of sara jessica parker

  • Huey

    Very funny.
    I really like the pics where owners have put them on their dogs, they look like mini horses with big heads.

  • Jawbone

    #31 You are a god damned embarrassment. This fucking trend is as douchey as planking, but you, you fucking disgrace to the uniform, should be fucking shot.

    • Joe

      Idiots like that don't realize it insults everyone that ever wore that uniform. Speaking of shooting. This devildog can't even pull an expert badge.

      • facepalm

        I'm willing to bet that person is much more intelligent than either of you

    • BiPolarBearPolarizes

      That's a chick under there, isn't it? Just askin'. Every male Marine I've ever asked what they think about female Marines has said, "They're not Marines." with a totally straight face. It comes from women Marines going to a different boot camp, with apparently different, i.e. lower, physical standards than male Marines. Not that I'd want to tick off any female Marines…

      • Babs

        Hey dumbass. We go to the same exact boot camp and have the same basic training, and absolutely do not have lower fitness standards. They are different, as female and male bodies are different, which I don't expect you to understand as I'm sure you have never been laid. But thanks for playing!

        • Kristen


    • Uri

      s not that serious, people like you shouldn't get on this site if your gonna get so but hurt over a picture. Loosen up your bra. I was in the military for five years and its not that offensive. You on the other hand saying a fellow military person should get shot….. you have issues.

    • Maqdc

      As a current service member, relax. There are plenty of people who wear the uniform correctly that still don't belong in the service. Turn your attention to them, instead of people simply having a little fun in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

  • waltgator

    #32 haha! nice pug

  • marcjwrz

    #19 I am strangely aroused.

  • Juken

    #19 and then I realized I would still fuck a chick with a horse mask on… I didn't know that about myself

  • @Couteret

    I remember right before New Years thechive posted a gallery of "Trends That Must Die in 2013" and they included these Horse Masks. I called bullshit then know that they would continue to promote these damn things. Kill this trend chive, you wanted it, quit supporting it.

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