From Asia with love (36 Photos)

  • Cody Placher

    I like Asians, and I've got a woody!!!

  • Taylor

    #11 let's see if she can get over my great wall

    • Canucks_Rule

      i see what u did there. lol.

    • Sammy

      Lets see if she can smoke my pole.

    • Bro

      Momoyi. Found!

  • nananamatman

    #33 YES

    • zinger

      oh dear. old school Adidas All-Stars….incoming Pedo-Bear

      • Biggie


  • DOVA

    This post needs to happy WAY more often.
    *stands up and applauds

    • WalterSobchak_

      Agreed, Asian women have a beautiful, cute, erotic, and gorgeous mix thing going on. Can't get enough.

  • wolfpackflyboy

    #12 delicious!!!

    • penguin slayer

      Lee Eun Hye

  • Brian


    Blue eyed Asian hottie just set the bar impossibly for every other girl on the planet.

    • Jimbo

      Crazy stuff indeed.

    • Bob

      The art of color contacts.

      • Brian

        Don't think so. Too much shading. The contacts are solid one color.

        • Hampsterstand

          Yeah she looks like a hybrid. And an awesome one at that. Wow.

          • Jesus Christ

            I like calling them halflings.

    • May

      All I want for Christmas is a beautiful bi Asian.

    • douchay

      Those looks real to me. And she's got nice eyes too

  • slanty vagina

    Asian women have slanty vaginas.

    • Derp_Free_Zone

      guess you've never had a lovely asian gf, poor you

    • idiot

      Cheer up Slanty… at least next year you'll be in the 5th grade.

    • Yellowman

      Haha this is funny

    • iskra9

      nothing wrong with a bit on the side


    #9 please

    • Spud

      Fairly certain that is Sayaka Isoyama. She is a beauty!


    # 7 ! Hell to the yea 👍

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    #2 #28 #36

    • Teddy turbo

      Guess who likes big tittied Asians??

      This guy.

      • nobody


  • DOVA

    This post needs to happen WAY more often.
    *stands up and applauds

    • Sean


    • Canucks_Rule

      agree times a million!!

    • bigtommy2k1


  • mmsavior4


    Perfection. I absolutly love asian women.

    • Bro

      #21 im ji hye.

  • TTrain

    #16 damn fine blue eyes
    #36whoa yea buddy

  • Mikey Mack

    #14 #16 #27

    I don't like the little girl thing at all. But those ones are gorgeous. 16=why I should get with an asian chick and make beautiful halfsies. #14 are you down?

    BTW: I was def gun shy thinking these girls are hot because of tranny-danger…just saying.

    • Best seller

      #27 and #28 win in my book.

    • McBeastie666

      Next time you think about posting something….don't.

  • Irishfan#5

    #9 is a doll!!!!!!!!!!!! #22 Just keep smiling dear this wont hurt a bit, well maybe a little

    • Spud

      Sayaka Isoyama and Aya Kiguchi

  • TheYesMan25

    #5 #15 YES PLEASE

    • mrkei

      Elly Tran Ha – FOUND!…you're welcome

  • Onehunglow

    Were all these pictures taken in Westminster, Cypress or Stanton Ca ??

    • maybe

      I think Alhambra and Temple City CA.

      • Onehunglow

        Well played Sir !!

    • Biff

      Not #35 surely!

      • Onehunglow

        Yes it was.. And stop calling me surely.

  • Tell me

    Who is #27?!

    • Mike re

      Tiffany luu. You welcome…
      Now help me find #13

      • crim

        Honey Siong

    • Ribsta

      Tiffany Luu

    • Stanlky

      The girl that gives me a handy on Beach Blvd and Hamilton. Am I right?? Come on guys HB.

  • Kzo

    #24 hi there!

    • Bro

      Linda Le.

      • turkeytits

        known as Vampy Bit Me on facebook, right?

  • heads up

    #10 is a guy

    • weldee

      i think so too

    • Spud

      Thanks for ruining my day while at the same time saving me…

  • Bob

    Two photo galleries of hot asian women in one week. I love Chive!

  • cpdiddy

    I.absolutely love Japanese women

  • Bob Loblaw

    Chive, you should really screen your photos of Asian women before posting them up. A lot of these photos don't do Asian women justice.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #5 #11 #13 #36 – alright chive, two sexy asian girls threads in one week!! keep em coming!!

  • LeO

    Very good looking ❤

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