From Asia with love (36 Photos)

  • @dawg065

    #16 love to wake up with her ❤ ❤

  • @bl4ckbu5

    #36 stunning

  • @bl4ckbu5

    #1 is so #1

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus has yellow fever.

  • Findher

    I like 15 because squishy

  • Ron Morrison

    I think I have the worst time keeping from passing out from laughing so hard when someone says: "So you married an Asian girl! Wassa matter, couldn't find an American who would have you?"

  • TJR

    HERRO #36!!! Save the best for last!

  • yoboi

    #20 MOAR plz!!!

  • douchay

    This is quite possible the best thread ever. EVERRRR

  • Bob

    #16…Asian Girl with blue eyes?? Am I alone in thinking this seems not usual?? Totally hot, but not the norm.

    #36…Hot damn.

  • orl

    #36 Wow.

    Google Search says this is Maureen Chen.

  • Slimey

    My daughter is doing her FIRST Jump-A-Thon … Any Chivers out there care to help her out?

  • marc

    All same girl?

  • Hybrid

    Asian girls are meh.

  • LBF 4 ever


  • freezer boy

    #1,#7,#11,#15 You make me so horny.

  • bill

    wow # 9 so fine.iam in love

  • Mangas
  • AmericoPolk

    #20 awesome face/ass

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