Life is awesome (36 HQ Photos)

  • SnakemanDan85

    #9 just needs a Budweiser!!

    • Mike

      Or a real beer.

    • Brian

      Jonh's Dad?

    • GatOner

      You mean scotch. Single malt, about 25 years old. Yes sir!

      • David

        @GatOner 110% correct.

  • Da Nig Nagga

    Oh, and its called sarcasm you fucktards… But I welcome the down-voted because i find it amusing what upsets y'all.. Especially when someone says the exact same thing with a different vocabulary, and you like it….

    • Da Nig nagga

      It's a major downfall to our race. It doesn't matter what is said, but how it is said that will make you agree with someone like a mindless, submissive robot (politics, the holocaust, etc.)… A social experiment that never fails. Oh the ignorance.

    • IDJAY

      sarcasm is good

    • Hammer

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Da Nig nagga

        Fuck the chive. It blocks the words in my comments, which are ironically the same words in my name…

        • Da Nig Naggette

          It just did the same to me 😳

    • Hmmm

      I'm conflicted as to whether I like you or not.. Your negativity is usually correct.

  • Wet_tosti

    #28 Boobs are awesome!

    • mynameis

      Yes yes they are. How the guy strapped to her back doesn't get a boner is beyond me!

      • Tyler Durden

        She has a cavity in her back left molar. Would not bang.

        • Wet paint

          Eew cavities are gross

      • Dick slap

        Skydiving sex. Very exhilarating.

      • nigsalad

        how do you know he doesnt have one

  • Prince Albert

    #28 bewbs are awesome too

    • Wet_tosti

      Are you my lost twin brother?

  • deadmanwalkin78

    #28 I like bewbs…

  • RandomMan

    Not a single picture is of stupid work. Get out and live!

  • @ajhouran

    #9 – Doing it right

    And where the hell is #34?!

    • m@rtin

      Somewhere in Norway I think…

  • zis

    #32 how about no

    • blake

      i think he fell for the old we all jump on 3 trick

  • Abner Doon

    Fantastic post. Hope to see a repeat next weekend!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 #15 #28 – serenity.

  • hnsq

    Good god my life is boring

    • a-nom

      Then change it!!! It may cost some cash to do some of this stuff, but hell, it's worth it.

  • unstablegirl

    The surfing pics are amazing!!! And so are those girl's tits!

  • jimmy jam

    makes me wonder what am i doing in my life! awesome pics

  • Kyle

    I wonder what people did for fun before all of this stuff was invented

    • Kyles father

      most of these photos are people simply standing on a ledge. people have been hiking for quite some time now

  • TommyB

    #5#22#26 Pure Zen……

    • Jeff

      The green room is my zen room

    • holyshit

      #20 pure adrenaline.

  • Kate

    All the more reason why I despise living in the city.

  • Da Nig Naggette

    Your my hero 🙏

    • Jander

      You're both uneducated, over-privileged, disgraces. You want respect? Speak in a respectful manner. It's not that crazy of a concept. Right? Other than that, KCCO.

      • naggin

        speaking of uneducated… were you asking if you should turn to the right? or am i just assuming this because of your uneducated word choice?

        • hehe skeet skeet

          just replace the period after concept with a comma, and you are good ..l..

  • mattythegooch

    #26 – fuck yes

  • alex

    "Extreme Sports and/or Mountains" should be the name of this post. Just sayin'.

  • Brian


    How's about a NO

    • Amber

      I think that looks fun as shit. People just need to get out and fuck dieing. Trust in preparation, research and practice and you'll be fine.

      • Turrebo

        You mean 'die fucking'?

  • BRBarry

    #12 looks like Yale in the Faser Canyon in BC

    • Richie

      Yeah somewhere around there. Maybe Squampton – Whistler area too

  • blah

    Soooo… Did anyone get wasted?

  • Bens

    #28 they are almost guaranteed to come out during that flight….man keep the camera rolling

  • bankinator

    Holy shit, where is #23 ?

  • Mitch

    23 is kjeragboltenm Norway I think. Where is 29 and 34???

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