Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Everclear

    #21 …they're real.

    Dear God, they're real.

  • mazurati

    #39 it took a good 10 seconds for me to realize why her ass was jiggling 😀

  • NIC_noK

    #18 I just wanna bite that squishy, plump… tomatoe. 🍅

  • kimoho

    Moar of that beautiful body #18!!!!!!!! Also #6, #41, & #47

  • http://60daysofhell.wordpress.com/ goldengekko1

    #21 is rosie jones? and #45 holy fuck that is one awesome teddy bear could scare the crap out of my little brother 😀

  • lebelge

    #21 #35 you two should meet up… at my place… say 9pm?

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=14830698 Frank Prill

    #19 The only people to get this are those who work with children. I don't know if that is a good thing for me.

    • Frank Prill

      Wait NEVERMIND. This looks terrible. I meant #17

  • shawn

    #39 i watched her shoot 400 rounds!! never reloaded once!! Amazing!!

  • CPp

    I'm going to do you all a favour.

    #21 is ex-Internet model MANDY MICHAELS.

    You're welcome, mofos.

  • LeO

    Take me now God. I have found my happy place ❤

  • rgh

    #49 we missed you! Welcome back. I hope you stay for awhile!

  • rt83vc

    #18 if that isn't photoshopped… I am actually speechless. 110%, positively speechless. Please for the love of god make a "Hall of Fame" section and she needs to be the cover picture.

  • dirtysteve99

    #5 Hodor!

  • jawbone

    #10 To be fair, you look like you're easily amused and mystified. Probably the vacuous look that does it.

    • Kbreezy

      That's pretty rude. Most people look pretty vacuous when drunk soooo

      • beanzahoy

        Used to date her. She's like that even when she's sober bless her heart.

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    #18 Wow. Entire religions have been established with less evidence of a deity…

  • KKB

    Okay it's driving me crazy.. #20, who is the little black girl in the middle?

    • Sir Cadogen

      IMDB…Movie is "Matilda."

      Would look it up for you, but I'm lazy.

  • drax

    #40 can we get a shot of the tat to find out what it says on such a beautiful canvas

  • Kevrhutch

    Country girl shake it for me girl

  • Lane

    #47 Hot Bossier cop! Pull me over!!

    • Guest

      I dont work for Bossier….I'm sorry…Out of my jurisdiction

  • http://twitter.com/Paulie315 @Paulie315

    #21 and #35 who are these beauty's ???

  • Kkb

    Okay it's driving me crazy.. #20

  • pimpninjaa

    #18 #21 kumbaya my lord

  • WmShip


  • Vroom

    #49 & #50 Hey there country girl. We've missed you. By the way, that flag is way too big and does nothing for us while looking at your figure.

  • jack


    I never see hot flight attendants like her. All I see are old hags and gay men.

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