Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • IAH

    #41 Cant wait to fly with you!!!

  • thatguy188

    #47 can give me a ticket anytime.

  • UCA

    It would be awesome to see a new weekly post of the United Chivettes of America. Once a week you post 50 photos, one Chivette from each state!


  • Pete

    Sweet Christmas! #40
    Shes so gorgeous. MOAR!

  • Prof. B

    I am now old; I am not rich. I will never have a #21.
    Now I am sad. Savor it while you can, boys. Savor it!

  • Jay

    #21 mandy michaels. She is found. Jeez

  • pennys

    Beiber is a homo.

  • Rick

    #43 don't care what people say she is Hot and I'd do her for sure

  • http://twitter.com/chivenation @chivenation

    #2 Find! Plz?

  • sean

    #40-#6 moar thanks

  • JustStop

    Dear country girl, we're sick of you signed everyone.

  • guest


    Mandy Michaels

  • abc

    #18 and #40!!!

  • war9661

    Find #47!

  • jims

    #18 wowzzers! what a babe

  • grantl89

    #41 I'll fly that airline anytime.
    #47 can arrest me…anytime

  • Canucks_Rule

    #21 – looks like raven riley.

  • TheYesMan25

    #21 #35 if these aren't in the best of thee week post I question the whole validity of that post

  • cjay

    #18 #21 #40 WOW…..MOAR PLEASE!!!

  • LeftFlasherOn

    You can noodle me anytime you want!

  • josephanthony

    #5 Hodor! HodorHodorHodor? Hodor.

  • da goober

    #40 you should be i nominate you for COTW. If u choose to take this challenge please submit MOAR pics.
    ~that is all~

  • sirrantsalot

    "Ummm yeah I looked. It was nice" #21 is def worth the look

  • theRoll

    #21 is Mandy Michaels(Natasha Tagai). Was on Stern years ago @ 18. Think she had a kid with Chris Angel.

  • PayHeed

    #15 Rock Chalk! This is the best town ever!

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