Good thing ‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee hasn’t let success go to his head or anything (33 Photos)

  • Spelling Police

    I hate everything about this guy.

  • DemonIAm

    He'll be broke as hell in 5 years

  • bash

    he deserves it

  • Golf2live

    So, since when is being a fat, stupid loser (and making money as a fat, stupid loser) considered being a success? He is enjoying his 15 minutes, but when the lights go out he'll still be a fat, stupid loser.

  • Bob

    Who is this guy??

  • Mitch

    what success

  • The Baseball Gods

    You didnt earn those rings fool!! By wearing those you bring the Sox more bad luck….

  • DR23

    Who's the girl in #17

  • UncleUncle

    I would not trade looking like that kid for all that shit, not even close

  • rick

    Not even Snooki can dumb down a show as much as Chumlee can.

  • jamie

    Needs to be punched in the throat !!

  • ninjaturtle

    Haters gonna hate………. Spend your money how you see fit Chum

  • yeah

    Pawn Stars pledged $1 of every T-shirt sold in September to Shriners Hospitals for Children and cut a check for $11,500

  • Guest

    So what! Half these pictures look like they could be from anyone. The other half looks like a mad ex-girlfriend took them or how else would we be seeing a picture of a clump of jewelry on the table?! Are we suppose to believe all these pictures are actually his junk? The pool? I doubt it. Oh! Big Haus! I MUST have that pretty jewelry chest. Ya, right. Looks like a hotel pool to me. I agree with the Chiver above – the people who work for chive are lazy. I've submitted cat pictures before and they just post the same old junk we've already seen. YAWN!

  • Vic

    Haters!! Seriously as long as he's making money legally does it really matter if the series portrays him as "dumb", if he's "over weight" or "ugly".

    YOLO not everyone rich needs to be an Ivy League graduate or invest instead of pissing THEIR money away.

    Keep linving the dream Chum!!

  • BassMaster

    Lol, jealous much Chivers?

  • _Alisha_

    Hahaha Rock On Chumlee

  • mustangzac

    i say good for him, hes actually a smart person, just dumbed down for the show. yeah he got lucky but if it were any of us we would do the same thing and live it up.

  • jawbone

    Nothing funnier than a fat fuck spending money on athletic jerseys and sneakers. That tub of shit gets winded walking to the shitter. Looks like he still has plenty of whores wanted to suck off some "fame".

  • KD123

    Weird how an overweight man that has more than some can cause hatefulness to come out in people. Just a harmless guy spending money he has earned.

  • WmShip

    You guys are being kinda hard on the retard. I still love this show, but mainly because I can fwd through the increasingly long and stupid bits they do between pawn items. I blame the Jews.

  • Prettyswellguy

    In a year or so you'll be able to buy all what you see in the bankruptcy sale.

  • Yeah

    fuck the haters chumlee! keep on doing what you're doing! Workin at a pawn shop making millions! You're the fucking man!

  • Eder

    That moment in our society when… fat people, talent-less shits are rich for doing nothing. And hard-working people continue to get f*&ked.

  • Luke

    he got this much money off of a stupid TV show? what's wrong with the world.

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