• Snwhl

    Gavin McInnes. This is the guy who created Vice Magazine.

  • Slimey

    My daughter is doing her FIRST Jump-A-Thon … Any Chivers out there care to help her out? http://jumpmaa.kintera.org/alexysyoon

  • Mike-Orgasm Provider

    Didn't crack a smile through the whole video. *yawns*

  • anonimo

    This guy wins at life.

  • Canucks_Rule

    haha, cute kid.

  • Arod529


  • Frits

    Hahaha father of the year!! lol

  • Tom

    Bob you SUCK! Please replace Bob with someone that does not suck…

  • Chiving Dutchman
  • JP1

    NOW I feel safe to go pretty much wherever…and do what I want!
    Thanks Mr. McInnes!

  • Ashlyn

    I started cracking up at that Lil girl. She really had me laughing!!

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