It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (24 Photos)

  • Jcore3

    Bob learn from John – this is a good post !

  • Woah


  • TheAssMan

    #19 And I love ASS!

    • Rockstar

      I gave it two stars!

  • Tap This


  • DannoTheManno88

    #19 I got some bad news for you.

    • boob_cuddler

      Lol you want to know how I know you're gay?

      • Anonymous

        You listen to Coldplay

        • Jesus Christ

          You've got a bumper sticker that says 'I love balls on my face.'

          • DannoTheManno88

            That's gay?

  • imdowngetme

    damn mondays…

  • Rodney

    Omg. I'm cool

    • ken

      no…youre mot

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #5 Nana knew he liked sword fights

  • AvantasiaHKR

    This gallery is demotivational more than anything due to the lack of humour

    • That Guy

      I was sort of wondering if these were all written by 14-year-olds. Most of them just go *thud*.

  • kokuryuha

    #16 I knew something wasn't quite right when I woke up this morning…

  • jmonster

    #10 Black Widow Scarlett gets me every time. Soooo hot.

    • SpotJohnny

      For Sure… mmmm Scarlett

      Who is the chick in the top left?

      • jmonster

        Christina Hendricks. Mad Men. Giant knockers

  • shinystuffrocks

    #5 I heard you like that rocking ane rolling band "Tools" so i knitted you a sweater. Merry christmas Timmy! love, gram gram.

  • sfb101

    #16 So that's my problem…

  • Anshin


    "Know your roll & shut your mouth"
    I couldn't help but lol a li'l bit. I haven't heard that song in years.

    • spelmstr

      *role* – It's right there in the post, for Pete's sake!

    • @IceLegatus

      Song? I think you got it wrong.

  • Del

    #4 LEGEND!!!!

  • tv_paul

    #6 Nude students + bake sales = massive yeast infections.

  • DDD

    #10 "i like her hair, i wonder the carpet matches her pubes.."

    • getitright

      carpet (pubes) matches the drapes (hair)……geez

      • Get Mad

        Never saw that movie huh…

        • Dee

          That is from a movie? Oh, well that makes it hilarious!

  • Brad

    Anyone else have trouble with The Chive having to refresh and/or click on the post multiple times for it to stay and be able to view it?

    • ScottishYankee

      or instead an stupid full page ad comes up

  • guy

    none of these were funny..

  • IrishInNJ

    #24 Learn about the Venus Project.

    • Ummm

      Jacque is a brilliant man.

    • Steel Jaguar

      We can only hope that something like the Venus Project can become a reality in our lifetimes.

      • @IceLegatus

        So we can take it

    • curious bulge

      Is that a Jack Handy quote in the poster? Seems like one


    There was a time when getting a good laugh from a picture or comment on the internet was worth scrolling through a few lame attempts at humor. That time has passed. These motivational posters are the best (or maybe I should say worst) example of how the internet as a whole has been watered down and homogenized to lowest common denominator levels of humor and wit.

    • The_Dood

      Your mom is homogenized.

      • Holy Shamoly

        Cool story Bro.

    • ImpressMe

      Yet you still take the time to come here, knowing all you know, to bitch and whine to make yourself feel smart and important…….. Hooray for you… win the whole internet…. /sarcasm

      • ROFNL

        Who's bitching now?

        • dwtomek

          Well he didn't go to the guys house to do the bitching. If you hate football, go to a football game, then proceed to bitch about how you hate football: mock worthy. If you are at a football game because you enjoy football, and somebody is sitting next to you bitching about how they hate you football: please proceed to bitch about the asininity of that person freely. I hope you see the difference.

  • Sim

    I like how I saw every single one of these pics on Memebase yesterday.

  • Jesus Christ

    #8 Dude Montana is the coolest. XXOO

  • punkchildbasterd

    Danielle's raison

  • jawbone

    #10 How about Laura Prepon being an untalented pig? 50% of these women are blonde now anyway.

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