It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (24 Photos)

  • Trez

    #24 Thanks, Jack Handy

  • Daith_Lee

    #20…its a dang shame that I know not only the reference but the cabbage man as well. I don't know how I got married and had kids.

    • Bonzo

      the cabbage man reference really made it worth it, made me "lol"

    • Anras

      I don't see why its a shame. That series is awesome in every way. Except Aang, the annoying little twat. lol

  • SD_Scott

    Winner #24

  • Bob

    #10…That's because none of these women are Gingers. A Ginger has that obnoxious orange/red hari, ghostly pale skin, and is covered in a nauseating amount of freckles, and may, or may not have tiny baked bean teeth/big gums. These chicks just died their hair red, except for Christina Hendricks, who I just happen to think is kind of ugly no matter what color her hair is.

  • waltgator

    #10 ginger boobs! nice

  • 406life

    #8 We are full here….try another time.

  • EatABearToday

    #3 Myrtle Beach AFB, circa 1987. They got several truck loads of Old Style and realized it would go out of date shortly. No shit, you could buy a case for $4 and get change. I think there's still a few cans stashed somewhere.

  • EatABearToday

    #14 Fuck yea! Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania!

    • Frank

      I think you mean social engineers.

  • Jessi

    #20 Made my day!

  • Truth

    #21 'Anyway' does not have an 's' at the end you fucking airhead.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – so much truth here.

  • cjay

    #11 made me laugh. #12 gotta ❤ those boobies.

  • Amy

    #11 http :// www . go fund me . com/ 1iox44 Help a little aussie

  • Hanx


    "The terrorists" The government had a great marketing campaign to sell the wars apparently.

  • ddp

    #24 Deep Thoughts…by Jack Handy.

  • Guest

    #12 What is on her stomach?

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