They’re gonna need a bigger boat (7 Photos)

Fish turns the tables on some local fisherman…

  • Chiver

    C'mon chive put some better post up

    • HumpDan

      C'mon Chiver, put some better grammar in your posts.

      • BDAZmthrFCKr

        Chiver's with poor grammar or not keep Lame poster BOB employed

      • Duncan

        Thanks grammar patrol! When you're done being an ass troll, you can get back to working the drive-thru!

        • Chicago

          wow man you need to KCCO

          • 3arc

            Fuck off grammar nazi

    • jal

      No way man, that som'bitch sank that boat!

  • xleratin

    Holy fuck!

  • Courtesy Flush

    No video??

  • Excellcior

    Hahaha!! I also love how chive stinks!!

  • deleted9943363

    It's not the fish, it's the captains fault.

  • sfb101

    Everybody swim down!

    • CallMeMaybe

      Just keep swimming…

  • Errr

    That's pretty funny but still lame…

  • TotesAwesome

    Don't blame TheChive, blame Bob. It's what I do.

    • holyshit

      Bob: by far the worst gallery poster that works for TheChive.

  • DannoTheManno88

    I'm on a boat….I'm on a WHOOOAAAAHHHHH

    • freddy boy

      Now THAT is funny.

  • echogeo

    It worked in rehearsal!

  • ligerfan

    I sure hope Chief Brody made it out with his rifle so he could shoot Wannabe Bruce!

    • heywood jablowme

      thats some bad hat, Harry.

  • Tony G

    How do you know the fish wasn't catching a boat?

    • smoochi

      mind blown

    • Joey S

      What up G?

  • Joe

    I would have abandoned the line or something maybe.

  • fish

    Wow! As an angler, that is amazing…….

    • human

      It looks like you're a fish

  • Carl

    "some local fisherman"…"local"? "local" to where?

    • Garmin

      Local to the area in which s/he is. Unlocal to everybody else.

  • @JustFlushIt


  • Euroranger

    #3 #4

    The third and fourth pics make it look like the boat might have had an anchor line out. Now, why the hell they'd do something like that I have no idea but regardless…while that's a fair sized fish, it's in the air (nothing to push against) and not nearly big enough to pull down a boat that size.

    • NCChiver

      That's not an anchor line, that's the outrigger. The boat sank because the captain backed down too fast & too aggressive filling the back with water. There are rumors the tuna door was open and another rumor the throttles got stuck in reverse.

      • Euroranger

        Ah, well there you go. Thanks for the clarification.

        Either way…while the guy might have not gotten the fish, he did end up with a brand new submarine.

  • Ame

    well played swordfish!!!!

    • JustSayin'


  • WmShip

    Fish 1 … Dopey Redneck Fisherdudes 0

    • soundsright

      Unfortunately, fisherdudes are up by trillions. The fish is just getting press because they aren't supposed to win.

  • leNerd

    boy, that escalated quickly!

  • fishinglady

    This was in Panama…. Captain backed down too hard on the fish and sank the boat….

  • fishinglady

    Hey Chive… this is a Marlin.. not a swordfish… 🙂

  • cristobol

    Sweet revenge!

  • Mike

    COME ON!!! There is not one Hemingway joke……not one "Old Man and the Sea" joke……?!?!? Sad!

    • credible hulk

      So tell as a Hemingway joke then!

  • Mount-N-Dew-Me

    Talk about an OH SHIT moment lol

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