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30 of the greatest school lunch snacks ever made (30 Photos)

For the complete list of snacks go to Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • @kolby182

    #15 I miss these so much.

  • Rooster

    What about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pudding cakes?!?!?!

  • ferg

    What about the teenage mutant ninja turtle pies.

  • youwannaknow

    #1 School pizza is the best (well, it used to be ten-twenty years ago).

  • Guest

    #21 Here here! I would also love some Jalapeno Doritos 3Ds…

  • Permanent Guest

    #25 Quarter Waters. You get them individually at the corner store for $0.25.

  • @NickGauss_0

    #17 All other Doritos pale in comparison to these.

  • @thatdanwilliams

    Where the fuck are the ShockTarts and Warheads?!

  • @IdealNihilist

    #22…They need to bring these damn things back! They were my favorite when I was a kid, and have craved them ever since.

  • JRW02

    OMG!! I shed a tear for #15

  • pandarae

    be jealous i still get these at a place in Watsonville ca

  • TDI_1_1501

    #25, Hugs or huggies. Or now, my friends and I put vodka in them and call them Russian Hand Grenades.

  • Zach Moreland

    #30 the best one of all time!!!!

  • John

    This one made me sad. Where did all those fine products go?

  • David

    #12 was a great weed tin too.

  • tkk


    YES! YES! YES! my ABSOLUTE favorite growing up!

  • waltgator

    #1 #28 the best ! school pizza days rocked!

  • JasperOreo

    "School lunch snacks" ha! I still eat/drink a lot of these things.

    I specifically went out just to get a bag of #20 this past Halloween because I hadn't had them in forever.

    And this is the second time this week I've seen something about #30 so those will probably be my next purchase.

  • Slaughter

    Pepperoni flavored sausage pizzas? WTF? I never noticed this.

  • Sean O'Brien

    the liquid sugar bombs are hugs

  • Kahless

    You son of a bitch, almost none of these exist anymore and now I'm craving half of them!!!!!

  • Kato

    Dude, you forgot Combos!

  • dan

    big fan of those brownies and handi snacks, but not a single piece of fruit…thats just sad. not a single really healthy snack on the list, for that matter.

  • momo19256

    Down memory lane Food Edition.

  • TravB1027

    I shed a tear over #15.
    Farewell my friend, you will be forever missed.

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