40 iPhone cases that make the phone (40 Photos)

  • crustybubblechunks

    #12 & #24 Awesome

    • louistulley

      #24 Is on my phone right now… choosing between 12 and 24 was tough, though.

      • TheYesMan25

        where did you get it from?!?!

        • louistulley

          Amazon, I just searched for NES iPhone cover, it was only like $4

          • MissVega84

            love em'

            • b2thec

              Lots of problems with them fitting though. Cheap as hell. My lady bought one and threw it away the next day.

              • http://twitter.com/rocketcases @rocketcases

                Check us out. http://www.rocketcases.com

                We have the Game Boy, Nintendo Controller and Ghetto Blaster. All fit like a charm.

    • Mr X

      Got #13 with the colors of #12

  • Clayton Bigsby


  • Epitomizer

    Cases that almost make an iPhone bearable, imho.

    • Dilbert

      I feel like that should be more like a imco or impo because there wasn't a whole lotta "h" to that…

      • Epitomizer


  • Murph

    #15 will double the weight, but man it's almost bulletproof.

    • marcoscafu

      where can I find it ?

      • hmm

        called the Griffin survivor. my work just issued these to us… Huge clunky things but I've seen my iPhone bounce when dropped at 30 feet and not a scratch

    • Wildcat

      If it's not waterproof….what does it matter?

    • sean m.

      i have this one and the swivel clip has broken twice…but the rest if the case is great

    • santi

      dont buy it unless you are in the army, i have it, its bulletproofs but is too big

  • darkohanzo

    Do they have one that makes mine as good as the one that came out 6 months after it?

  • bignewf

    #25 you dont just turn any phone into a NOKIA

    • Andy

      It would never be stolen though!

    • open minded

      It's for the people embarrassed to be seen with an iPhone.

    • G_Had

      That's blasphemy!

    • Tyler

      WARNING! Iphone case not actually a product of Nokia or its affilliate companies. Does not increase durability to the point of surviving an industrial, deisel-powered 450ft/lb torque blender.

  • Big Poppa

    and for the win?

  • NIC_noK

    You know #25 is durable.

  • Joel

    I'd say 30% of these are shopped. #4

    • catmoustache

      Ya, if that was real it would read: 80085

    • doesntmatter

      The calculator isn't shopped.. Have that one.. It is however, cheap plastic with inlayed graphic.

  • Jesus Christ

    #12 Is only acceptable if it's playable. #19 and #36 look like something straight off the shelf no customized.

    • KBCool

      #19 is the lifeproof case. It makes the iphone waterproof when properly installed. My friend stopped using it because he was too tempted to throw it in his drinks at bars

      • Jesus Christ

        I guess that's a way to attract the ladies, but probably not as effective as turning water into long island ice teas.

        • a-nom

          Damn it Jesus!!

          • God Is My Co-Pilot

            Yeah… dammit, Hey-seus!

  • TheAssMan

    These are great until they come out with a new iphone 6 months later. Screw you Apple!! But continue taking my money

    • Alex

      Except they only come out every year give or take a few months

  • amber t.

    #1, #10, #12 #13 so many love em all

  • amber t.

    #39 #27

    • InterestingNamesGuy

      Thumbs up because your name's Amber!

      • amber t.

        Thanks love!!!! Proud to be an Amber!!!!

  • DannoTheManno88

    #29 Please steal my phone

  • chron247

    #14 is just awesome!
    #18 looks like a way to drain your battery twice as fast
    #32 great way to accidentally mace the guy sitting next to you on the train
    #27 THE BEST

  • sparky

    Chive is missing a revenue opportunity by not providing a link out to a Point of Purchase site for these cases. There are quite a few of these that I would consider buying. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.

  • 29er

    #17 I would chew on my phone all day long.

    • Jen

      this one is DOPE.

      • Doug E. Fresh

        It's just SICK!

  • The Truth

    #32 I'm not looking for anything that may accidentally pepper spray my wiener.

    • Andyrew711

      …. while watching pornhub, or while it's in your pocket?

    • Anon

      Your dong must make a lot of calls…

  • Airmaxx23

    Move along, nothing to see here but an over-priced Crapple product with little to no innovation. I honestly didn't even look at the pics, with Apple in the title it's a skip for me.

    • a-nom

      Then why are you even in the comments section…seems disadvantageous to your stance on the matter of this product. What you should really say is 'LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!' – it comes across as a great deal more honest to your intention than your proposed disdain to Apple…

      • Airmaxx23

        Not at all, I just do not Apple or their products, nothing wrong with stating it.

        • TrueStory

          You are annoying. Nobody cares, and you are just wasting your time.

          • Airmaxx23

            Slow day at work so I'm really wasting the bosses time.

    • John

      I must be in the wrong comment gallery. Dammit I didn't go to work yesterday, this is my Monday.

  • http://twitter.com/tat2dboxr @tat2dboxr

    #31 and #35

    any info please

    • Chase

      The bottom one looks like eyn phone case.

      • http://twitter.com/tat2dboxr @tat2dboxr

        it is!! sweet! thank you

    • http://twitter.com/NinJAinSD @NinJAinSD
      • http://twitter.com/tat2dboxr @tat2dboxr

        sweet thank you

  • sfb101

    #17 Looks good enough to eat…
    #25 Oh don't you wish!

  • GatOner

    #31 #35 Well ok. Now these make sense.

  • YOYO

    #35…how is that cool??? Now when you lose your phone, you just lost all your other shit too!!!

    • yoyo

      well then…don't lose your phone…

    • Mr. Obvious

      Pretty sure it is for extra key or money incase you lose your main set.

  • Cavok

    #27 where can I find this? I need it.

    • RustyxTrombone

      Best buy

  • sean

    No head gasket case? Weak thread….

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