• huskerzfan4life

    yep, they all suck !

  • derp

    kudos to those who submitted ORIGINAL designs,not just some stupid movie rippoff…one of the better contests IMO

  • Ste

    God damn it I want the bearshark.
    First of these t-shirt comps so far I've seen something I absolutley must have.

  • Megan

    Its seems lately all these designs suck and more and more people loose interest, nothing is very eye popping or looks like its worth the money people might pay for it. I sent in my design and honestly I thought it was pretty awesome and original, but of course I think that… its my design. The difference? guess who I was thinking about the whole time T made it? the Chivers…. not The Chive, guess I was wrong about that one. Anyway, I think its maybe time for a change. Why not show all the entries and let the Chivers decide. Of course the shitty ones will stay at the bottom and the best rise to the top with votes. and if they all suck still? Then pick second best and we wait for the next competition and hope for the best. I'm not sure how many professional looking entries Chive actually gets but there has to be a good one somewhere in each competition and The Chive needs to show us that. Not just what THEY like.

  • Canucks_Rule

    dutch oven is the only good one.

    • Randy

      Remember when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Bruins

  • bryan

    wow. surprised. all really horrible. not even close. ew.

  • tim

    i would wear the single player frisbee one and maybe the dutch oven one but idk if id pay over $10 for them

  • jammer

    either have less contest or more time to design, other wise the shit storm keeps on keepin on, they all suck

  • MonkeyMadness

    They all blow.

  • @sgtsevier54

    Shi**er was full gets my vote… Been on the lookout for a shirt like that since I was a teenager!

  • eaddict

    Pass on all. Think I'll head over to Threadless now…

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