• Canadodian Reprobate

    Pass, would wear or gift any of them.

  • Takingbackcider

    Moonrise Kingdom one was class. A jagerbomb tee is a good idea but this one looks weak.

    • guy#2

      moonrise shirt is very nice

  • Canadodian Reprobate

    Shit, WOULDN'T wear or gift any of them.

  • Fazool

    sweep the latte 😀

  • Meh

    They are all lame

  • animal

    Why can I no see

  • justanotheremt

    Please for the love of God, Just design me and EMS version of the KCCO shirt, damn it.

  • Alex

    Not really impressed with those… Oh and movie stuff is not really original.

  • Goober

    I go for the Dutch Oven or Trouser snake. The other ones where Meh

  • P. Timberman

    They should make a t-shirt with that little retarded girl on it. You know, the one from Chive Charities.

  • James

    What difference does it make? You wont be able to buy them.

  • mia

    People are still putting effort into designs just to get shot down no wonder they are getting worse. I appreciate the effort and I don't think any of you lazies that are hating have put forth your own ideas so SHHH

  • MoeK

    none again. you're loosing your "spark".

  • Just(in) Hale

    You do this WAY too often and the results are getting worse though I thought that wasn't possible.

  • navydudenamedjoe

    These were the best? Show us the worst!

    • Randy

      just look in a mirror.

  • ksc

    wow, these are awful., chive must be making a killing off all the idiots buying these. no grown up would wear any of these.

    • Randy

      Grown ups shouldn't be wearing any graphic t shirts at all, they should dress like grown ups. They also shouldn't be commenting on graphic t shirt contests.

  • justinclough

    Shitters Full, Corn Dog and Trouser Snake are all solid. Much much better designs this time around. Props!

  • Shepard Wong

    Shitter's full, Trouser snake…can't wait…I'll be the hit of the trailer park!! gotta buy one for my bro, bubbles too!

  • mediatodaylochriem

    Voted by accident scrolling over them

  • Dude

    I usually love voting on new shirts and "A Simple Man" is one of the best of all time. Makes this time around quite underwhelming…

  • @adriancata

    Dont understand why you keep wasting money on these crap contests!!!

  • you bastards

    moonrise kingdom shirt is very unexpected but deeply welcomed

  • mike

    the chive is running this lame contest WAY too often…give us a break already, they all suck

    • derp

      you suck…how bout that :)3

  • Nelftard

    Chive, the internets are saturated with silly tee shirt designs. We don't blame you for the fact that there are no original ideas left (that you don't have to pay royalties on if they sell). It's not your fault, really. So can we maybe stop this? It's embarrassing.

  • huskerzfan4life


    • Randy

      nobody cares.

      • huskerzfan4life

        Randy S> your a fuck head

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