It might’ve been the 80’s, but the cleavage was always the same (30 Photos)

List via Coedmagazine

List via Coedmagazine

  • FatMarc

    #1 and #2 always favourites!!

  • TommyB

    And ALL before the days of augmentation! All the real deal gorgeous! Thanks CHIVE for the reminder.

  • Jon

    #22 It's hard to imagine a better looking blonde. #23 It's hard to imagine a better looking brunette.

  • Jon

    Damn. I meant #23 and #24 , respectively.

  • Greg

    #24 I don't know what it is, but I've always had a things for Phoebe Cates.

  • SOhioChiver

    #21 why did a floppy titt'd porn star get included with all these notably beautiful women?

    • hev

      I'm sure the last 30 years have been kind to their floppiness.

  • irishfan#5

    Young Heather Locklear yum. #23

  • jmonster

    #3 Always have loved Elle. I think I lost my masturbation virginity to this pic.

  • ImpressMe

    #5 Seriously hotter than this picture…you gotta show the eyes!! She has thee most amazing eyes……

  • casperlicious

    #21 Old school porno!

    • Plurp

      My all time favorite.

  • HobokenGuy

    I still have the #4 poster in a closet somewhere. Heather Thomas was THE 80s blonde. However Loni — #15– was the girl my 14 year old mind thought was perfect.

  • blue_bronco

    Before she turned into a dude

    • Fish

      Before the alcohol got the best of her

  • B-to-the-H

    #8, #18, #23 – Still would to this day.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #24 – am still infatuated with the 80's version of her. lol.

  • e pluribus unum

    #14 fun fact- you can't find her penthouse issue anywhere legit now– it had a pictorial of Traci Lords in it and she was underaged at the time- so Miss America's penthouse edition also had child porn in it as well.

    But V.W. is still hot

    • Fish

      And so is Tracy Lords

  • guest

    #2 and #6 – all time favorites!

  • Kilolikesemnatural

    Those were the days. Not 1 pair of fake boobs! Keep it up Chive! DOWN WITH PLASTIC!!!!!!

  • Average John

    #4 Wow!! I spent many "alone time" moments with this exact poster as a young teenager…..

  • raaaage

    no jennifer anistan? no ? no? no boobs?

    • Tarkus

      (she's 90s – not 80s)

  • Crimson K-9

    * sigh * Memories….

  • raaaage

    veronica moser

  • Fish

    The decade before all the Plastic Surgery disasters. Most of these women should have left their faces alone! Would still be beautiful today

  • Irishman

    Many a childhood faps to these.

  • Dbar

    #19 she was always my freebie from the wife.
    Stil she is sexy

  • bignewf

    Every woman i ever masturbated to as a child is in this album…….excuse me while i excuse myself

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