• DannoTheManno88

    Slip the jab!

  • Jangles

    Holy shit she is going to be a beast when she grows up. Aweosome

    • Jangles


  • bkibbs

    In 15 years, I'd hate to be the first guy to make a move on her.

  • sfb101

    Teach your children well…


    If I have daughters it will be this + Jiu jitsu + concealed carry permit… Before her 7th birthday

    • The law

      I'm pretty sure 7 year olds can't get concealed carry permits .

    • stonewall_79

      This is what we need kids that fight back on bullies

    • CDS

      I'm already teaching my four-year-old daughter LINE training (Marines will understand).

  • jethro

    feel sorry for the first bully she runs into

    • mkpo

      I don't

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    I hope someone doesn't try to High 5 her and get their clock cleaned.

  • Bud

    Hey! How bout a "good job"?! DAD!

    • Lboogie13

      At least I wasn't the only one thinking that.

  • Chappy

    That father is doing it right. She will never be taken advantage of physically and will most likely will never be on the stripper pole. That's all we need to do as dads.

    • tdr

      That's it, huh? Never have to tell them you love them, don't have to praise their successes, don't have to hug them, tell them they're great when they're unsure of themselves? Wow, thanks for the tip … I wish it I had known it was so easy when I raised my daughter.

      • Buddy

        Calm down preachy preacherson

        • GlibTongue

          Preachy Preacherson? He's got a point.

          The first poster, if you sum up his words(or interpret them loosely), basically says 'As Dads we all need to teach our daughters to be able to beat people down so they don't get raped'.

          If we've gotten to that point in society, where being taken advantage of physically is so common, or such a great fear, that we need to teach our daughters to defend themselves at such a young age…something is very very wrong with the world.

          • Wake up

            Gotten to the point??? Hello, its been that way all throughout history my brother

      • truth

        Might want to include "Not being a smartass.". Just a thought.

      • Guest

        Ha….I agree. Teaching your daughter how to fight, whilst fun, is probably not the only thing you can do for your daughter.

  • Huell

    No offense, Bob…. But you look like a strong wind would kick your ass.

    • Foo Dog

      And you look like the source of many "strong winds".

  • http://twitter.com/jbvancamp @jbvancamp

    Cute but she doesn't have he hands up. And ^ wtf?

  • Mitch

    Million Dollar Baby 2

  • Merica

    I'm pretty sure I could kick her ass. She's a little girl.

    • Badass

      Me too, i mean i slam her face to the ground… How bout that kid…yeah…

  • Sexual

    Awesome job.. But I think he wanted a boy

  • seanster77

    She is awesome, but did anyone else see the orb float through the frame about three quarters of the way? I'm freaking out man!

    • DannoTheManno88

      Yeah at 1:24 – now I'm scared

      • Brando

        you mean the piece of dust… haha

        • seanster77

          Brando sounds like you could suck the fun out of a wet dream.

  • FTC

    Whats song is playing on the TV?

    • JTran
  • heresincethestart

    Katie Taylor much?

  • itsthetruth

    i hate to say it. but i will, she has awesome hand speed but horrible form. she will fail if she doesn't learn properly.However its still pretty cool to see a little girl get started in it

    • Daith_Lee

      That all depends I guess. I box and I try not to square up with my opponent so I don't give him much of a target. MMA fighters tend to square up due to having to use knees and whatnot when in a clinch. Boxers don't have to worry about that. But different fighters have different styles. No one way is better. Its the fighter and their skill with it. With that being said, I DOUBT she'd run into any kid with enough training to handle her short or out muscling her.

      • itsthetruth

        Its boxing not MMA, there is Mayweather in the background, And aside from her doing 1 little flurry it isn't anything special. i have trained kids for years and they all can do that.All they need is a little training in the right direction. Not the wrong one that her dad is pushing her towards. Then again Women s boxing isn't very strong and if she could consistently punch like she does she will be successful. Also in Ukraine or Kazakhstan or wherever this video is taken she probably isn't the tough one on the block. Those guys are crazy

      • Jesus Christ

        I box too, my stance tends to be a bit open because I don't having to reach as far with my right cross.

        • itsthetruth

          you lose power that way man. Shouldn't do that

          • Jesus Christ

            I know, but I'm quick and I switch stances mid round every now and then. i'll get behind you before you even know it.

    • Shaolin Killa


  • MarcusGeorge

    I wonder if Dad is the one that braided her hair…?

  • Salt

    Daddy's little retirement package. "We call her 401K for short."

  • ass lover

    pfft i bet she just memorized the moves

  • iLPincho

    lmao… Awesome but FAKE!!! video is sped up. background is comp-ed in…

    • Kaaman

      You're a twat.

  • brown dog

    dude needs to be dressed as the pedobear

  • George Forman

    i bet she runs the playground! what a BOSS

  • Rick

    WOW impressive skill. As soon as she can add power to her punches she will be a beast!

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