• TheFrontier

    Up, up, down, left, right, triangle, square, triangle, start, left, right, circle.

  • God

    A bunny could kick your ass, Bob.

  • TheDudesky

    The second she dropped her guard I would lay her flat out like a freshly starched shirt.

  • Damien Agostinelli

    I was expected a hug or at least a pat on the back from dad at the end of that little routine!

  • Sassyj2017

    Omg!! She is hardcore! Where can I get my daughter trained?!!!!

  • The truth

    With hand speed like that she will be able to make at least 5 sandwiches a minute when she gets older

    • majorfathead

      You sir win the internets today!

  • Geoffrey

    She leans in too much…I'd head butt her and it'd be over 😉

  • Nanook111

    There is a dad that spends some serious time with his child. Awesome

  • Canucks_Rule

    ya, wouldn't wanna be the first dude to break her heart…. b/c she's break u.

    • bodie

      … eh

  • trucker_bear

    There at the end it looked like he was trying to give her a hug but kept dodging it so he gave up…

  • Drel

    Pedo bear better watch the f*ck out….

  • MonkeyMadness

    Impressive. She's very focused and very precise. I'm sure nobody pushes her around!

  • fredbo

    floyd mayweather in the background…. best boxer alive

    • Jesus Christ

      false, Ali is still alive.

  • http://twitter.com/TerraNode @TerraNode

    That makes me really jealous… yeah i'm bad.

  • http://twitter.com/whodatscotty @whodatscotty

    why do I have to be the first to say it? She obviously some sort of witch.

  • hypper

    – Gimme your lunch money !!!! – POW !!!!

  • James

    Kids are amazing.

  • Sherry Bud

    Can't hate on her or her dad for teaching a skill that could save her life! No matter if she has the right form or what, she's young an only has more time for improvements! So Kudos for them!

  • Ray

    Been done before

  • Dubya

    Great for her! She is going to make millions upon millions…in womens boxing?

  • longrobe

    Sweep the LEG!!!!!

  • hazza

    with pretty boy floyd money mayweather in the background. watch out, we got a badass here.

  • tyl

    not 100% sure, but i think the old guy might have been able to take her.

  • dad myself

    I'm a dad myself and appluad anyone spending time with their daughter. But he may want to choose more age appropiate music to play while his kid is in the room

  • markkens

    Chive has ruined me…I was waiting for the bloody nose.

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