• Seth

    This is airtight dog.

  • Kevin

    The irony of this video is every girl i've met has nicknamed my penis "Minnie Driver"

  • Edge

    America needs a talk show where people can drink on air, like Carson of many years ago!

  • Brian

    Actually laughed out loud.

  • crgabe

    Actual horse name here in America – Bodacious Tatas. She was a good runner too. Won over $400K in the late '80s. The owner submitted the name to the Jockey Club 5 times before they approved it.

    Last year was there was a horse named Igotitigotitgotit. As in "I got It, I got It, got it". But I think it reads, "I Go titi, go tit, go tit".

  • Anonymous

    Willy fisterbottom is easily my favorite.

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