A cop’s life (45 Photos)

  • Chivette

    Haha chive photo number 45 are 3 of my best friends – all nurses from New Zealand. Absolutely love seeing this photo posted again and again with them terrified their bosses will see ! Love from a red headed chivette 🙂

  • Peter

    #8 arrest me, arrest me…ooooooo….put me in cuffs….Plllllllllllllllease……

  • Paul Kroon
  • lukehart

    Sanne Keizer!! Beach volleyball player and hollands hottest detective!

  • Alexander

    No one likes the police until they need their help. We honor and respect those in the military who sacrifice their lives everyday and rightfully so, but I know many police officers who have been shot or killed in the line duty and they too deserve respect. There are jerks in every profession but it's just typically highlighted more visibly when it is those who are supposed to be in a position of authority.

  • bernie

    German cops rock!
    fit #2 but foolish #6

  • umyeah

    #8 yes, you must find her!

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